Zoe Behavioral Health

Zoe Behavioral Health
Zoe Behavioral Health
Zoe Behavioral Health
Zoe Behavioral Health
Zoe Behavioral Health
Day Treatment: Yes
Intensive Outpatient Program: Yes
Medical Detox (off-site): Yes
Outpatient: Yes
Outpatient Therapy: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Yes
Equine Therapy: Yes
Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR): Yes
Family Therapy: Yes

This behavioral health center provides comprehensive support through outpatient programs including Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). Should patients require detoxification, the team at Zoe can facilitate treatment at a nearby detox facility. Both of their outpatient programs are tailored to address patients’ dual diagnoses, with a focus on prevalent mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Zoe emphasizes that the level of progress in recovery is directly correlated with the effort patients invest, while offering therapies and activities aimed at promoting well-being and enhancing motivation. Their therapeutic interventions target both substance use and mental health disorders, encompassing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), couples therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), family therapy, equine therapy, and group therapy.

Non 12-Step Approach

Zoe adopts a distinctive approach to treating substance use disorders, rejecting the notion of individuals being powerless over their addiction. Instead, Zoe advocates for the belief that individuals can attain self-reliance to manage their addiction effectively. They provide non 12-Step support groups for all patients, appealing particularly to those who do not resonate with the concept of a higher power. Similar to 12-Step groups, non-12-Step groups offer peer support, which can significantly aid patients in their recovery journey. Zoe’s support groups also incorporate daily yoga sessions and nutritional counseling to promote holistic healing.



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Location: Lake Forest, California, United States

Address: 23591 El Toro Road Suite 265 Lake Forest, CA 92630

Accredidation: Joint Commission

Phone: (949) 309-2227



Alexa Wakefield

Recently completed Outpatient and PHP here at Zoe, and I can’t say enough positive things about my experience there. Damien and Selena in admissions were amazing to work with, going above and beyond to get me in smoothly and safely, and everything from the residential properties and clinical staff there were top notch. They even offered me zoom IOP so I could work and still attend programming. I would highly recommend Zoe or their detox houses for yourself or loved ones!

Ali Doan

Great place to find support, encouragement, & the tools needed to live a successful sober life. The entire staff at Zoe is genuinely caring & puts 110% into each client, no matter your needs. Non-judgmental & knowledgeable people. Matt B is such an awesome & caring person!! I traveled 2000 miles on a whim for treatment here & wouldn’t change it for anything!!

James Bach

Zoe’s staff was amazing from the start. Selena and Damien jump though so many hoops to get me into treatment at the start of saving my life. Everyone of the staff has been amazing from Robby, Matt B., Josh, Clint, Danny, Darryl, Christina, Faron, Matt G. Jeremy, Josh, Lisa, Brittany, Jeremy and all the other staff just to name a few. The detox/residual and sober living house’s very nice and comfortable. The clients have all also helped aid in my recovery. If your looking for help this is the place and who doesn’t love all that socal has to offer. I’m so blessed to have great friends that set all this up for me and with the help from the Zoe staff I can honestly stay I would probably not be alive today. Thank you so much Zoe!

Sara Val

Zoe is a great place for recovery the facilitators and therapist are great Salena is awesome very efficient about taking care of getting you in. And Jeremy is an awesome program director thank you everyone at Zoe for being a part of my recovery

Farah Flahive

Zoe Behavioral Health is by far the most incredible treatment center. I have learned so much about treatment but more importantly, I have been apart of a lifelong community that continues to bring value into people’s life. This company is structured with the clients needs as the priority. Zoe Behavioral Health is set apart by their staff. The company has devised a team that is knowledgeable, hardworking, and caring. Every single staff member cares deeply for the clients individually. Any place that comes together for the sake of one is a gift. I truly, with all my heart believe that Zoe Behavioral Health saves lives.

Jae Ferrer

Zoe has been an incredible experience and has helped me change my life for the better! Thanks to Selena in admissions for helping make this experience very comfortable. And operations manager Josh Ori is an absolute stud!

Megan Percy

When I got to Zoe I had no clue where I was going? I was transferred from a detox/residential facility that wasn’t owned by Zoe so I was really scared. When the driver dropped me off at the house I was greeted by Matt and Ben who sat with me explained the program helped me with my bags, Matt even drove me to the store to get me some things to feel more comfortable. The next day was my first group and as a person who’s been to 14 different rehabs the community of clients the love and support I received was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, the most powerful thing I’ve ever heard since I got clean has been “me too” no one lets you go through your journey alone there’s always someone who is willing to hold your hand.


I was out in L.A and the original place I was at was a not very good facility
, nor did it have good staff. I got on Zoe website and I was contacted by a very welcoming and nice women named Selena , and she walked me through the stages of the programs and stages you go thru , as well as assuring that it is a safe place which is the biggest thing for me knowing I’m safe , when I arrived she showed me in and did my assessment with me and we were talking the whole time she was reassuring that I am in a good place now , and honestly , it wasent a lie . It was a great program , I am in my first year of soberiety and I wouldn’t be here without Selena getting me to come and doing all of the things she did for me. Staff treated me amazing and are very understanding because they have gone through it themselves , I highly recommend this program to go to , it got me sober and helped me stay sober .

Kylee Wilson

First off I want to thank everyone at Zoe Behavioral Health, the team there goes above and beyond!! They truly care about their clients and there journey to grow in recovery!! They have helped me jurastically in my recovery, the groups have helped me uncover and process things iv been holding onto most my life and was able to process it all in a healthy way and move forward to achieve proper coping skills that helped me mange my substance triggers and be able to live my life happily sober and proudly staying strong in recovery. I didn’t just appreciate the staff but the people I met there that I know can call life long friends that are a big part of my recovery family. Iv never been to a treatment center that’s had the level of care they do and have group leaders that have strong group settings that teach, heal, process and growth that Zoe Behavioral Health has! Thank you again everyone at Zoe!!

Samantha Spears

If you are struggling with your addiction or mental health or looking for your struggling loved one, look no further! Zoe Behavioral Health saves lives and is truly one of a kind! From the parts that really matter like, amazing therapist, educated group facilitators, inspiring staff, accountability and unmatched peer fellowship, to the things that make a difference like beautiful houses, yummy food, big back yards, fun outings, amazing location that’s walking distance to almost everything, Zoe offers it all! You will be loved, taken care of, safe and know you matter while in this program and after!

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