Beachside Rehab

Beachside Rehab
Beachside Rehab
Beachside Rehab
Beachside Rehab
Beachside Rehab
Beachside Rehab
Beachside Rehab
Beachside Rehab
Beachside Rehab
Beachside Rehab
Gym: Yes
Free parking: Yes
Smoking rooms: Yes
Non-smoking rooms: Yes
Access to Nature: Yes
Age Range: Teens/Adolescents
Type of Care: Detox Services
Payment Options: All Payment Options
Pool: Yes
A/C Rooms: Yes
Insurance Accepted: Yes
Shared Room: Yes
Private Rooms: Yes
Allow Cell Phones: Yes
Free WiFi: Yes

About Beachside Rehab

Just off the coast of Florida, Beachside Rehab is on West Palm Beach with easy beach access. With a maximum of 25 clients, Beachside Rehab provides an intimate, healing setting for recovery. They approach treatment with a comprehensive evidence-based focus, using a variety of therapies to craft personalized treatment plans for each client. With highly qualified staff, luxurious accommodations, relaxing environments, and a commitment to nutrition and fitness, clients can find healing and the support they need to start a new way of living.

Comprehensive Care

Beachside Rehab offers a range of treatment opportunities. An initial psychiatric assessment and accurate diagnosis help guide treatment, as do clients’ preferences and care team. Medically monitored detox adds safety and extra comfort to treatment. From medical detox to residential treatment to outpatient treatment, Beachside Rehab can help patients along each step of their journey in recovery.

Holistic And Individualized

Beachside Rehab aims to heal the underlying causes of addiction. Their team of therapists and holistic practitioners use treatments like meditation, yoga, art therapy, eye movement therapy (EMDR), equine therapy, and more. Chef-prepared meals and nutritionists’ expertise help make meals delicious and healing. Beachside also offers gender-specific therapy groups, acupuncture, massage, and treatment for trauma and grief.

Luxurious Accommodations

Promoting relaxation and wellness, Beachside’s residential facilities allow patients to enjoy the peace of nature surrounding them. Beachside rests on a calming property, allowing clients to separate from the outside world and focus on recovery. Each room and hall of Beachside Rehab invites comfort, housing 20-25 clients in luxurious private rooms. Clients flying in can enjoy Beachside’s complimentary airport transports. Easy beach access and ocean-side activities make Beachside Rehab a uniquely relaxing place to recover.

Beachside Rehab is accredited by the Joint Commission, a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), and LegitScript certified.



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Location: West Palm Beach, Florida



Lisa McKenzie

I just wanted to say Beachside totally changed my life. (And saved my life) The one on one therapy sessions are great , so are the group sessions. I feel like a completely different person than I was walking in. When I arrived I was first greeted by Lee. She was so nice and kind. She did all she could to make me comfortable as she knew how anxious I was. And she continued to do so throughout my entire stay. The accommodations here are great but the best thing about this place is the people that work here. Every single one of them had a part in my healing. The techs are all amazing. Especially Nunu, Sabrina,charlie, Howard and Andy. However they all are fabulous. The nursing always there to help. Cynthia and Jerry always going above and beyond for us. My therapist Tara. So glad I was placed with her she guided me and helped me so much. Christine my trauma therapist is a real live miracle worker. Irene , Travis, Jenn, Jeune, Mary and everyone are some of the best people I have ever met in my life.The massages I got during my stay were the best in my life. Lindsey has magical hands and so much knowledge . Thank you beachside for helping me get my life back and give me the tools to keep going. I will never forget any of you.

Jude Deas

I came to Beachside for help with my Substance Abuse issues and they have literally given back to me my life and family. My physical, spiritual, and mental health has never been so strong and it is all because I gave myself the opportunity to heal by opening myself to this process. The facility is not
just relaxing, but beautiful. Special thanks to all the staff, most especially the Techs,housekeeping, kitchen staff and the incredible Therapists, most especially Miss Christine and Ameka. I also have to give a special shout out to Miss Lee who always goes the extra mile to get things done!

Nirvana Bissessar

Beachside rehab changed my life. I went there for my mental health and the clinical staff, tech, general staff, chefs, and my many peers helped me manage my medications and attain coping skills to help me manage my anxiety, depression and process my grief. My primary therapist Ameka and my trauma therapist Vidya, both worked closely with me on a weekly basis to ensure that I reached my goals in a healthy way under their guided and loving supervision. My Case Manager Jeune did wonders for me in assisting with my after care plan. My intake manager Lee was so understanding and caring, and would often check up on me to make sure I was doing well. Alumni and activities coordinator Irene was tremendous in getting me to go out, socialize and become comfortable and happy with myself and the world I live in. Nursing staff Aisha, Cynthia and Jerry displayed so much empathy, compassion and patience with my treatment and my overall health and well-being. I love them all, and am so grateful that I allowed myself the time to really get the help I not only needed, but deserved.

Ryan Seepersad

Beachside is very special to be. Everyone there are amazing people who knows what they’re doing and most of all care. I’ve been to other places and none compares to beachside. From top to bottom all very professional and dressed and concerns immediately. The therapist’s and second to none, very insightful and able to break things down to help the client understand the underlying issues. I owe beachside my life. They allowed me to gain my life back, saved my marriage, sanity, life, and most of all allowed me to become the person I want to be!

Ryan S
Proud alumni

Rob Holdaway

I had an amazing experience at Beachside rehab. From intake to discharge they made me feel like family. The groups are informative and fun. everyone there truly cares about your health and recovery. People who don’t finish the program come in with a negative mindset. You truly get what you put in and then more. My therapist and case manager helped me every step of the way. The nursing staff is amazing, they took exceptional care of me. Dr appointments and rides were taken care of so I could focus on recovery. If you’re serious about recovery then beachside is the place for you. Thank you beachside!!

Jessica swinson

Beachside was an amazing life changing experience. All the staff are very helpful and friendly! Ameka (Therapist) was so compassionate and easy to talk to. Lee (Intake Manager) was very kind when I arrived and made me feel right at home. I would recommend this facility to anyone experiencing trouble with addiction or mental health.

Haliegh McConathy

Beachside is professionally operated and the staff is empathetic, empowering, and excellent in their delivery of hope and healing. They loved me and took care of me until I was able to love myself and take care of myself. They guided me and helped me set forth on the path of sobriety and healthy living.

Loretta Saffice

My time in Beachside 2024 was scary at first. The staff were all professional and empathetic, which takes skill and determination. I learned a lot about myself and how to help myself. It is a safe, stimulating environment. I have made impactful friendships with others and was encouraged to do so. Again, the staff, in each working position, were all so kind and helpful. I had been suffering for so long without any relief. Beachside helped me find all the best parts of who I am. The food was good. The facility is constantly being cleaned. There is a major opportunity hear to begin your healing journey.

Lori Vetto

Beachside is a calm and pleasant place to restore, regroup, and recoup. A family friend spent some time there when she was going through a hard time in her life. The staff was kind and empathetic to her situation. She really liked the facility, the warm sunshine and beautiful pool and gym helped her reconnect with her physical self. She had a great support system that gave her the emotional tools she needed. My friend left with a renewed sense of self and the courage to get back to her life.

Mady Grow

Beachside has completely changed my life for the better. My therapist (Tara) was a tremendous support, I would not be where I am today without her. The staff is incredible, their jobs are tough and they work hard every single day. All of the Therapists are fantastic, helpful, and encouraging. Fran will change your life and make you smile every single day.

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