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Ava Recovery
Ava Recovery
Ava Recovery
Ava Recovery
Ava Recovery
Ava Recovery
Ava Recovery
Ava Recovery
Ava Recovery
Ava Recovery
Non-smoking rooms: Yes
Smoking rooms: Yes
Free parking: Yes
Gym: Yes
Access to Nature: Yes
Pool: Yes
A/C Rooms: Yes
Allow Cell Phones: Yes
Private Rooms: Yes
Shared Room: Yes
Insurance Accepted: Yes
Payment Options: Public Health Insurance
Type of Care: Outpatient Services
Age Range: Teens/Adolescents
Free WiFi: Yes

About Ava Recovery

Ava Recovery’s boutique campus in Buda, Texas provides an individualized treatment approach, offering medical detox and residential care. Ava Recovery integrates 12-Step or non-12 Step care, evidence-based therapies, holistic activities, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) into each treatment plan. Their residential treatment typically lasts 30 days, but can extend to 90 if needed.

Multiple Treatment Pathways for Comprehensive Healing

Ava Recovery’s therapeutic approaches address both substance use and mental health conditions like depression, trauma, and anxiety. Clients can enjoy holistic and evidence-based therapies in a 1:1, group, or family setting. Ava Recovery offers art therapy, guided meditation, and sound therapy. They also use evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), eye movement therapy (EMDR), equine therapy, inner-child therapy, and internal family systems (IFS) therapy.

Treating The Root Cause of Addiction

Ava Recovery uses a trauma-informed treatment approach, striving to understand the “why” behind addiction. Their dual-diagnosis focus treats mental health conditions too, helping clients heal from the root cause of addiction and its symptoms. Ava Recovery provides MAT during treatment. Their approach begins with MAT, where a 24/7 team of nurses supervise detox. After detox, clients begin residential treatment.

Boutique-Style Campus

At Ava Recovery’s welcoming campus, clients can enjoy yoga sessions and physical therapy. Their campus has semi-private rooms, ensuite bathrooms, gourmet meals, and an outdoor pool. Their 15-bed facility has a 1:1 staff-to-patient ratio, helping treatment stay personal and custom throughout their stay. Ava Recovery accepts both public and private insurances.



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Location: Buda, Texas


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