Profound Treatment

Profound Treatment
Profound Treatment
Profound Treatment
Profound Treatment
Gym: Yes
Free parking: Yes
Smoking rooms: Yes
Non-smoking rooms: Yes
Access to Nature: Yes
Age Range: Young Adults
Type of Care: Aftercare Services
Payment Options: Private Health Insurance
Pool: Yes
A/C Rooms: Yes
Insurance Accepted: Yes
Shared Room: Yes
Private Rooms: Yes
Allow Cell Phones: Yes
Free WiFi: Yes



Location: Los Angeles, California



Lauren Russak

I recently had the opportunity to be a part of the Profound Treatment Center 30 day program, and my experience there was truly life-changing. The center itself is a place of healing, growth, and understanding, providing not just a program but a community where everyone feels supported and valued. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, including my dog being diagnosed with liver failure and my son needing me back home, I had to leave the program a couple of weeks early. Despite this unexpected turn, the Profound Treatment Center handled my departure with the utmost empathy and consideration, underscoring their commitment to individual care and understanding. I cannot leave out mentioning my case manager, Josh Dunne, who was absolutely incredible. Josh was always on top of things, demonstrating a level of professionalism that went above and beyond. His dedication to ensuring that my transition out of the program was as smooth as possible was truly commendable. His efforts made a significant impact on me, contributing greatly to my overall positive experience at the center. With my therapist Michael, I’ve found not just a therapist but a friend who genuinely cares for my well-being. His ability to call me out on my behavior or thoughts, which might not serve me, is a testament to his dedication and trustworthiness. It’s rare and invaluable to have someone who can fulfill both roles effectively, providing not just guidance but also a friendship that challenges and supports me. Stormy, on the other hand, is a BEACON of warmth and love. The way she expresses her affection through her cooking is a beautiful quality, turning meals into experiences filled with emotion and care. Her positivity and the joy she radiates with her smiles make her an undeniably positive force at Profound. She encapsulate a beautiful balance of nurture and care. Something a lot of us lack in our personal lives. Adding to the incredible support system was Cowboy Dan, whose advice and guidance were monumental in fostering my willingness and

Brandon Blight

Profound is definitely a game changer, they do amazing work thru amazing staff! The education you receive is very thorough and insightful yet easily absorbed. You can’t go wrong in such a beautiful setting, great staff, and amazing food.

Samantha Olsen

I had been looking for a treatment center in Florida where I live. I was referred to Profound Treatment Center in LA and George was my point of contact. This was sooo scary putting my husband on a plane and sending him across the country for treatment. George was an absolute Godsend. He gave me his personal contact number and I texted and called him a million times in 2 days but he was sooo amazing and patient and in good spirits everytime I spoke/messaged him. He answered every question and eased every concern my husband and I had. He made this process as smooth and easy as it could possibly be in this kind of situation. He kept in constant contact with me and my husband about everything.It was also a plus for my husband and I that George could relate to what my husband was going through and his entire demeanor made my husband feel comfortable which is by far one of the hardest things to do. I could go on forever about how amazing George has been to us from the very beginning. I have such high hopes for the treatment center due to George alone. Thank you George from the bottom of my heart. You not only saved my family but you saved my husband’s life.

Amber Giffin

Wonderful treatment center. Staff and facilitators very kind and knowledgeable. The support was unteal! I highly recommend coming to profound! Shout out to Ky, Katie, Carol, Doug, Jennifer, Justin and many more of the staff members. Best beginning of my journey in recovery that I could ask for. Thank you profound!

Sharae V

I am a former client of Profound treatment. It was my first time in treatment and from the beginning to the end it was everything I could have needed and more. Lindsey the clinical director was one of the first persons I spoke to she was amazing. Thank you so much to Katie in alumni her story and her willingness to help is amazing! To all the techs who helped me during my stay Amy is amazing Emma who picked me up was so nice. Lindsay F, Staci, Don, Shant, Darla just to name a few who really stood out were amazing! Thank you to Kazi I couldn’t have done it without you sir ! Thank you to Justin my case manager. Thank you Jacob for believing in me. Rob A thank you as well. Ashley thank you for always going above and beyond to help me. Jehan is also amazing thank you for everything you’ve done. If you are looking for a treatment center Profound is the best place to do it everyone is amazing the houses are amazing the people are great. I have 30 days sober it saved my life. I cannot thank you enough


Once you come here everyone will welcome you with kindness. The staff are so nice and funny. Coming here was the best decision I’ve made! Good food , and wonderful staff and counselors. They got a private chef and they are awesome! Love this place !

Aaron S

Profound Treatment has been nothing short of amazing! From the moment I walked in for intake, the staff was so kind and understanding of my situation. Ky, Katie, Josh D, Michael S, Brian, Mike, Jenny, Anthony, both Robs and everybody else who worked so closely with me in reaching my goal of Sobriety, also I want to give a shout out to Chef Leile for her amazing food and getting me back to a healthy diet and eating three delicious meals a day. They all may have very well saved my life. If you are thinking about getting help, Profound will not let you down. Incredible experience here in the Sylvan House and I am so grateful that I came here.


I loved the atmosphere of the house and my house mates I love the groups and the meeting that we attended and all the help that techs and the chef made the best food ever the thing I didn’t like was the clients that didn’t want to be in the program and but they helped get these people the help they needed at another place

Connor D

Absolutely an amazing experience. Getting here to start was a smooth experience and had nothing but support and love from Katie and Ky they really gave me the strength to get here even though it was my decision to reach out for help I definitely felt welcomed. Most of the techs really helped me feel welcomed and comfortable through detox and the group facilitators are amazing they really seem to care. I wanted to get to more different meetings and that didn’t happen but I’m not mad about it I will just hit some different ones in sober living. And cannot forget about amazing chef Priscilla !! I love her she works hard for us to enjoy our meals. No complaints about the food at all. She will make sure she cooks around food allergies and things you do not like which is amazing. Thank you profound for the amazing experience I look forward to coming back to the alumni meetings on Tuesdays !!


Going here for treatment has been a wonderful and life changing experience. Amazing staff, counselors and therapists that are dedicated to your recovery.

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