Willow Springs Recovery

Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Willow Springs Recovery
Gym: Yes
Free parking: Yes
Smoking rooms: Yes
Non-smoking rooms: Yes
Access to Nature: Yes
Age Range: Teens/Adolescents
Type of Care: Detox Services
Payment Options: All Payment Options
Pool: Yes
A/C Rooms: Yes
Insurance Accepted: Yes
Shared Room: Yes
Private Rooms: Yes
Allow Cell Phones: Yes
Free WiFi: Yes
Budget Friendly: Yes
Joint Commission Accredited: Yes
On-site Medical Detox: Yes
Therapeutic Location: Yes
Detox (on-site, non-medical): Yes
Intensive Outpatient Program: Yes
Outpatient: Yes
Outpatient Therapy: Yes
Residential: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes

About Willow Springs Recovery

Willow Springs Recovery uses a combination of holistic, evidence-based, and 12-Step approaches to treat mental health and addiction. A customized approach to treatment ensures that plans are catered to each client and their unique circumstances. With comprehensive treatment, a private location, and qualified staff, Willow Springs provides care that’s comfortable and effective.

Catered And Compassionate Care

Willow Springs provides a comprehensive team of staff for each client. Nurses, doctors, and mental health professionals keep clients comfortable and safe during each stage of recovery, prioritizing treatment that’s effective and relevant for every unique client. With Willow Springs, recovery becomes something clients can approach with hope and confidence.

Customized Treatment Plans

Willow Springs Recovery’s goal is to help clients reach sobriety in a way that makes sense for them. Willow Springs customizes all of their treatment plans individually, meaning clients will get a treatment plan designed only for them. With a personalized treatment plan, clients are in a much better position to overcome addiction than at one-size-fits-all style treatment centers. Each member of Willow Springs’ staff contributes to this customized care, from their nurses to mental health professionals.

Relaxing Environment

Willow Springs strives to cultivate and maintain an environment that makes recovery an experience that’s as rewarding as it is enjoyable. They’re settled on over 38 acres of beautiful Texas countryside—just close enough to the city for convenience, but far enough that clients won’t have to worry about temptations or triggers. Professional chefs cook delicious meals on-site to keep clients fully focused on recovery. Willow Springs’ fully-stocked gym has the latest equipment, and they’re proud to offer spacious rooms, a pool area, and so much more.



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Location: Bastrop, Texas

Address: 1128 Highway 21E Bastrop, TX 78602

Accredidation: Joint Commission

Occupancy: 31-50

Email: customerservice@sunshinebh.com

Phone: (833) 900-1988

Website: https://www.willowspringsrecovery.com/org/luxury/index.html?utm_source=rehabpath&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=luxuryrehab



Coolhand Luke

Great stay, courteous and polite techs (Cowboy, Ree, Amanda, and several others whom I forgot their names – all incredible humans) incredible councilors (Charles, Lea, Ty, Jon, Aaron, Mckenzie). The councilors have lived it and want to and will help you. Life altering. Thanks to all of you. Most people here WANT to be here vs HAVE to be here and it makes a huge difference. ” Run Run Catch the sun before he slips away Oh Winter Unreason’s cold, tenacity Pause your nature Dance with me One more autumn day Come, Prudence Come, reason to chase my light away Catch me, catch me No, not this day (Not this day) Twilight fall Upon all souls Darkening our skin and bone Soon I’ll follow Prudence home Until then, just let me chase this sun Soon enough I’ll go A winters way Soon enough Though not this day Soon enough I’ll go Winters way Soon enough Stay the winter Oh, one more day Leave me to my child’s play Soon enough I’ll go your way (Soon enough) dance with me Oh, one more autumn day Soon enough I’ll go your way Soon enough Soon enough Though not this day “

Justin OHARA

Came here for the PHP/IOP program. I live in the housing as well. House is very nice and kept cleaned. Staff has been very respectful and nice. Main campus has a gym and basketball court which is nice and the food is good as well. Overall I have had a great experience with staff and other clients here. I’m glad I chose here for my PHP programming and would recommend to others.

Shannon Eubanks

This place is amazing! The chefs make fantastic food, groups are daily from 9am-4pm and then you have free time to go to the gym, play volleyball, toss corn hole, cards, games, watch movies go for a walk around the coy pond, swim, and feed the squirrels. In the evening you have options to attend an on site meeting, or use the art room, or ride to an outside meeting. The staff is great, the counselors are in recovery themelves. You will have access to your phone and computer so I think this needs to be considered. Younger adults may need a rehab that goes thru a “blackout” period of time without a phone to prevent connection to people whom may be detrimental to their recovery. For working professionals this is a great option and for a parent to stay connected with their family and children. Thank you Willow Springs!

Mike Seeley

This place is life changing if you allow it. All centers can have problems if that’s what you’re looking for. If you want to get better, look for the great things that happen every day there. I can say that I had a life changing experience there. The variety of groups they have is a much better way of doing things. If you like 12 step, SMART ect. You have options to choose from and make your recovery your own, not just meetings that are photo copied out of a 12 step group. The food was good and sometime the trained chefs made incredible food for 100+ people. The nurses were caring and most of group facilitators put their life and soul into their jobs. The directors stop, listen and truly care about what their clients have to say. My therapist changed me (I miss you Ty☺️). I must say thank you to everyone there for the gift they have given me. My life.

Jimmy Wright

Look I’m not going to sit here and waste anybody’s time, if you were serious about recovery find me on Facebook, it’s Jimmy James. If you’re serious about getting clean and radically changing your life there is no other place you should go then right here, and I would love to be able to share with you how after 37 years of living the best decision I ever made was to come to Bastrop Texas and begin this journey. I know a few of you are probably worried about nicotine don’t worry about that You’re good here and you can also use your phones to communicate with your family and loved ones, those were two big things that were very important for me. But I do want to mention that if you’re not serious about treatment I would prefer you not take up a bed that may keep someone who is serious about getting right from being in here because this is truly a life-changing place no doubt about it!! I’m open anytime any day if anybody has any questions or just needs to talk to somebody don’t hesitate to reach out!! I’m on day 14 of a possible 90-day stay My initial plan was 30 but I’ve opted to hopefully be here for 90 If you have any other questions please reach out I promise you you will not regret it

Kimberly Burroughs

This was my 2nd (and hopefully last) treatment. This sealed my desire to remain sober. The staff here is absolutely incredible, too many names to list. They genuinely care about your personal growth and sobriety. I’d recommend Willow Springs in a heartbeat. Thank you for the life changing experience!

Jenny Esquivel

Gratitude. This is what I feel for WS. The staff is wonderful. The nurses, behavioral techs, therapists et al are truly caring and concerned about each client’s recovery/sobriety, wherever you are on your journey. Anthony and Betty Ann are a constant presence and always available for any and all concerns. The campus is beautiful and the accommodations are clean and comfortable. I’m truly blessed to have had a life changing experience here at Willow.

Rory Naftel

I attended this place in 2021 and it was amazing. Staff was caring, maids cleaned rooms, staff even tried to do my laundry. The gym, pool, courts and it would take 30 minutes to add all the nice things about this place. If you want a great place to recover this is it. I went to 5 very nice rehabs and this place was the best.

Julie Koontz

Very nice inpatient facility, that was clean, comfortable and so-so food. The staff is very caring, attentive and concerned. There were several resident problems where I felt like the staff was lax in addressing. The med times rules changed daily and you never knew what the rule of the day was going to be shift to shift and person to person. There was a lot of new staff training, which could be a reason for the inconsistency in the rules and schedules. I was upset that residents were allowed behind the main desk and access and use of the facility computer system where residents could HAVE accessed PII while flirting with the younger female personnel. It was allowed to sit at the desk while playing on the staff computer. In the main lodge residents were allowed to watch TV (movies & rap music) with VERY vulgar, racist language, sexual scenes with nudity at a VERY loud volume. The main meals (lunch and dinner) food was mostly starches with low protein portions (fatty cuts of low quality processed meat ) and a few veggies (mainly broccoli and carrots). Breakfast was wonderful everyday with typical food choices. The juice machines were not refilled promptly and sat empty. At times we ran out of half & half, plastic silverware, napkins, cups and condiments. The vending machines would regularly jam and you would not get the expensive snacks. The rooms were well appointed with nice linens and comfortable beds. The weekly cleaning crew did a excellent job of keeping the rooms clean and tidy with fresh linens, clean showers and floors. The grounds are very inviting and well maintained. The treatment and nursing staff were very professional and well suited to their occupations. I would recommend Willow Springs to anyone in need of their services. The good greatly outweighs the above noted deficiencies. I would return if needed and recommend to others in need of professional assistance.

WM Roofing LLC

Couldn’t complain about this place at all the staff was very friendly. The rooms were very clean. The counselors were on point and very helpful. The food wasn’t bad. I really felt like I was loved and care for this place. It will be missed. It was a great experience.

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