Wise Path Indiana

Wise Path Indiana
Wise Path Indiana
Wise Path Indiana
Wise Path Indiana
Wise Path Indiana
Sober Living: Yes
Life Skills: Yes

Wise Path Indiana functions as a sober living home, committed to furnishing support, accountability, and life skills training. Their facilities are tailored to provide a secure environment for men aged 18 and above who are navigating recovery from substance use disorders and have recently transitioned from the criminal justice system. Residents actively participate in structured programs crafted to fortify their journey toward recovery. Fundamental aspects of the program include engagement in 12-Step programs, regular house meetings, life skills workshops, and peer-led accountability sessions. Each resident collaborates with a dedicated case manager to establish personal goals and access essential resources. The residences offer private rooms, onsite laundry facilities, and off-street parking, ensuring residents’ convenience and comfort.










Location: Columbus, Indiana, United States

Address: Columbus, Indiana, United States

Phone: (866) 860-9772



Steven Poling

Really nice place still working on kinks but I think they will be running smoothly here in a few more weeks or so when they get enough staff.

Dalton Lee

Very good people, they actually care about your sobriety. Not only for the 28 days you stay. But after. I’ve had numerous staff members reach out to me and we still talk to this day. On a daily basis. I give this place a 10/10. It changed my life. Completely. Saved not only me but my family and my bridges that were burning with family members because of my ignorant mistakes.

Susie Chambers

I Loved it there. very nice an clean. They really cared and made sure you have all the tools and meds to make your recovery easier..

Kayla Hardy

Absolutely wonderful. People there are all amazing. This place honestly changed my life. I highly recommend it to anyone who seeking help and wanting to start a new life.

Kevin Pachot

My stay at wisepath was one of the best in treatment I have experienced. Food was good and a variety to choose from. Staff is friendly yet assertive and they are passionate about the work they do which makes for the best experience possible. I highly recommend going here for a great start to a positive new way of life in the right direction. God bless. 🙏


My time at this treatment center was incredibly positive. The staff are compassionate and professional, providing personalized care that addressed all my needs. The variety of therapy options and supportive environment played a crucial role in my recovery. I am deeply grateful for the tools and encouragement I received here, which have been instrumental in maintaining my sobriety.


The care and support I received at this treatment center were exceptional. The staff are dedicated and empathetic, offering personalized treatment plans that made a real difference. The holistic approach and comprehensive programs provided me with the strength and confidence to overcome my addiction. I left feeling empowered and ready to start a new chapter in my life.


This treatment center was a life-changing experience for me. The staff are knowledgeable and genuinely invested in your recovery journey. The individualized treatment plans and variety of therapies helped me address my addiction and underlying issues. I am now living a healthier, happier life thanks to the positive and supportive environment I found here.


I am incredibly thankful for the support and guidance I received at this treatment center. The staff are professional and compassionate, providing personalized treatment plans that addressed my specific needs. The comprehensive programs and positive atmosphere made all the difference in my recovery. I left feeling hopeful and equipped to maintain my sobriety.


My experience at this treatment center was transformative. The staff are dedicated and caring, offering personalized care that helped me tackle my addiction. The variety of therapies and holistic approach provided me with the tools I needed for a successful recovery. I am forever grateful for the life-changing experience and the support I received here.

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