Stages of Recovery Lubbock

Stages of Recovery Lubbock
Stages of Recovery Lubbock
Stages of Recovery Lubbock
Stages of Recovery Lubbock
Stages of Recovery Lubbock
Day Treatment: Yes
Intensive Outpatient Program: Yes
Outpatient: Yes
Outpatient Therapy: Yes
Sober Living: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Yes
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Yes
Group Therapy: Yes
Motivational Interviewing and Enhancement Therapy (MET): Yes

Stages of Recovery is an outpatient treatment facility specializing within the remedy of alcohol dependancy and substance misuse disease. They offer a full continuum of care that includes a partial hospitalization application (PHP), in depth outpatient application (IOP), outpatient counseling, and gender-precise transitional housing. They take an proof-primarily based and individualized method to treating substance misuse problems while also offering a 12-Step software.

Transitional Housing

Located in Lubbock, Texas, Stages of Recovery offers customers the selection to are living in brief housing whilst receiving therapy. Their gender-precise recuperation houses are modern-day and comfy. Clients have get right of entry to to lifestyles abilities education, peer support, and random drug screenings at the same time as residing in transitional housing. These homes provide a safe space for clients in recovery and are located only a brief pressure from Texas Tech University.



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Location: Lubbock, Texas, United States

Address: 4413 71st Drive Ste. G-101, Lubbock, Texas, United States

Accredidation: Joint Commission

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John M

We really didn’t know what to expect from Stages when we dropped off our son. The staff was very knowledgeable and committed 24/7 to helping our son. They struck a good balance of providing a safe environment for our son with a strong encouragement to grow, learn about themselves and how to navigate the complex world we all now live in. We couldn’t be more thankful for the Staff at Stages and their process.

Sherri R.

Stages of Recovery is changing my son’s life and giving our family restored peace and hope! In a desperate and dark place of hopelessness, we found a path to Stages of Recovery in Lubbock, TX. I was seeking a 90 Day Treatment Program with Transitional Living that could provide co-occurring mental health support and substance abuse treatment. Stages has gone above and beyond in their professional care and personalized service. A special “Thank You” to Stephen Medley for all of your phone calls educating us on addiction and the recovery process, recommending “parental boundaries” that offer success, updating us on our son’s progress, and investing your time personally with our son sharing your wisdom. I am confident that my son is in a safe community that offers the accountability that he needs to grow, mature, and hopefully sustain long-lasting recovery, and I am grateful to you for using your life journey to help other’s achieve recovery.

Dabs II

f love was enough, our children would would follow the “typical path” and we would be able to see them through anything that ails them, however, we know that is not the case. I have loved my child more through substance-abuse than I thought possible and it was still not enough. Sometimes we need help beyond what we know.

Amanda Willis

My son came home to visit after just two months at Stages for addiction treatment and the change is truly unbelievable. I’ve been so skeptical just from past experience with my son- but this weekend blew me away. His phone rang several times a day from various people at Stages checking on him, the rapport we could hear from his end of the conversation was priceless. He feels like he’s part of a community for the first time ever. But most importantly- my son was present the whole weekend. We felt his company for the first time in years. The son I’ve mourned for showed back up. We’ve had nothing but support and encouragement from anyone we’ve had contact with at Stages. Even in a moment of uncertainty, his counselor emailed and called me on her day off. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the change we’ve seen in just two months. Some may say it’s still early- but the choices we saw our son make this weekend have me convinced he’s in it to win it finally! Can’t wait to see the future!!! Most parents of an addict can agree that looking to the future in excitement seems like a dream. Anyone researching drug treatment or substance abuse therapy should definitely condsider Stages. I truly feel like my son is in the recovery community he belongs in.

Tiera Knight

Stages of Recovery helped me on my recovery journey tremendously. When I completed my inpatient treatment stay I transferred directly to the women’s sober house (which is in a great location, extremely comfortable, and a great all around house). I had fears about returning to my hometown in which I had previous instability in. During my stay, I had accountability, discipline, and the entire staff cared about deeply. The programming was great, but my favorite thing about Stages was the connection I had with other clients and the staff as a whole. My counselor, Matt, was phenomenal. He always met me where I was at and encouraged me to be my better self. Stages loved me until I could love myself. I owe so much credit of my journey to this place and I will be forever grateful for everything that they do and have done for me. I am honored to be a part of this family and it is truly a privilege. Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.

Cathy C.

My son transitioned from inpatient rehab to Stages 4 1/2 mos ago. Based on a recommendation, plus calls with Stephen, we agreed this was the best option for him. This was a faith leap, as we had been in this position last year, and once he left the inpatient environment it was not long before he relapsed. Though the setup of this program was very different from before – something began to happen in my son’s life that was not there the last time. I had an opportunity to spend the weekend there several months ago. This is a community that functions like a family, but although there is positive support, there are parameters and consistent accountability in place. I feel my son has a safe environment while he is healing and recovering mentally and physically. At the same time, it does not seem overly restrictive. He is so appreciative of what this program offers, he intends to stay much longer than I ever believed he would. Stephen is always willing to answer any questions or concerns that I have, and has given our family much needed counsel about boundaries. All of the staff and his counselor Averie have been a tremendous help and encouragement. My son is one day away from 6 months sober. There are no guarantees in recovery – but aside from his own commitment and hard work, I truly believe the support of this program has given him a framework within which to be successful.

Andrea Bradshaw

Thanks to Stages in Lubbock I have 2 years of Recovery today!! It is an amazing program and the staff really are invested in your success!! I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I am clean, I have my family, my career, and my life back!!!

Jared Liford

Stages of recovery in Lubbock Texas has helped me change my life completely. Their iop program was amazing. I still attend for aftercare because the counseling has helped me tremendously. Since graduating I am still clean and sober and have recommended many people to their program.

Ryan Phillips

This recovery journey has been a really good and adventurous one, I have learned so much from being here and the guys that teach us at the clinic teach us many coping skills of how to have a functioning life! If your you
If you’re looking for a drug and alcohol treatment center in Lubbock Texas, I highly suggest Stages of Recovery.
Also, there is outings to where we go to paintball, hiking, laser tag, and bowling! So it a lot of fun to put in to thought of a life change!

Zack Boozer

Stages is the best place I’ve ever been!!!! FACT… When I have kids I’m gonna force feed them drugs so they can get into Stages and have a better life. If stages was a source of power it would be the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. It’s top hand, and rock solid.

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