Scottsdale Comprehensive Treatment Center

Outpatient: Yes
Outpatient Therapy: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Yes
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Yes
Group Therapy: Yes
Medication-Assisted Treatment: Yes

Patients acquire custom designed outpatient opioid addiction remedy via Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), with options together with methadone, buprenorphine, or Suboxone, decided on based totally on their specific needs. Besides MAT, clients can interact in character and organization counseling sessions to tackle private problems and acquire talents to support their lengthy-term recuperation journey.



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Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Address: 617 N Scottsdale Rd Suite D, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Accredidation: CARF

Occupancy: 50+

Insurance Accepted

Signed into law through the Social Security Act in 1965, Medicaid is a United States government program that offers health insurance to those with limited income.
A simple coverage option for Americans without health insurance and disabilities. Many private insurances incorporate Medicare to expand its coverage options.



Austin Wallace

I’m under my husbands account but I have been going to this clinic for a while now. The staff is great compassionate and understanding. They have helped me change my life for the better. If u want to better your life this is the clinic to go to!

Gregg Poirier

Great! They have genuine concern for people. My counselors name is Mark and he asks how I’m doing everyday When I’m standing in line for my dose. The process getting in was painless and the dosing people are fast and friendly.

Michael Poulos

the staff you deal with on a regular basis(front desk, counselor, nurse) are fantastic. The only complaint I have is even after months of paying every week for months , if I am ever late on payments they sweat you for money worse than some drug dealers

Tyler Stapp

Out of the clinics I’v been to; Mission Treatment is by far the best. The “they close early” comments are only relative to a normal business. For a methadone clinic, however, they are open for as long or longer than most other clinic you’ll find.
And they take cash AND card. That shouldnt be a big selling point but for whatever reason, it is a rarity to find a clinic that offers payment via card.
On top of these qualities, i find the staff to be kind, respectful, and competent.
Another great benifit to this clinic is that they have a nurse practitioner on staff most days of the week to make up for the days which the doctor isn’t. The Doctor is who has to sign off on paperwork and make most decisions regarding patients, but he is only in once or twice a week (This is the case for any clinic you go to). But a lot of what he does can be covered by the in-house nurse practitioner. Most clinics do not have a nurse practitioner on staff so you have to wait for that one day a week to get certain, important, things done.

Anyways, they do a great job and the clinic has lots of perks seldom found elsewhere.

Renee Mackel

I’ve been coming here for years. The staff is helpful, they give you respect, and I’ve never witnessed them judge anyone. I like that you earn your privileges. I appreciate that your counselor is there for you. In the start, they check on you daily while you adjust. Over time, if you are stable, you only need to check in with them once in a while. At the same time, if you want more counselling , it’s there for you. I’ve gone to other clinics while travelling for guest dosing. Mission treatment is way more organized, efficient, compassionate, affordable, and respectful than any of those other places. You can tell the one person who wrote a bad review couldn’t have been a client for long, he stated something about the facility making money off long term patients for their daily dose visits. Im a long term client and I only go in twice a month. Plus my fees have never changed. Considering all the services they provide, and their knowledge of where to refer you to, I find the fees appropriate.

Nichole Kline

This clinic treats using suboxone and methodone as well as therapy (group and individual) in conjunction with treatment.
This clinic has excellent staff who truly care about your well-being. The staff goes above and beyond and will assist you with different mental health supports and will get you in touch with SO many resources like housing, narcan, fentanyl testing strips, sobriety groups, legal assistance, etc. They have different client-engagement activities every month like raffles, patient-appreciation events, spotlights, newsletters, etc. It feels like you’re part of the family.
They have curbside dosing for covid-19 positive patients as well as for someone who just had surgery so you dont miss a dose. The building is handicap accessible.

David Dawson

This is an incredible clinic. Staff is amazing. I promise I don’t work there and I’m not a bot or something. They just truly took an interest in me. I was with a different clinic for years and had no idea how different/better a clinic can be.

Emily Kline

I have been working at Scottsdale CTC for two years now and I can say with confidence that we are are a team of people dedicated to the community we serve.
Working in addiction is challenging, but incredibly rewarding at the same time. Each day I get to wake up and show up for people who are trying to do the next right thing. I work with an incredible team, passionate about our patients and their recovery.
Leadership has cultivated a psychologically safe environment where staff/patients are encouraged to be authentic.
In the time I’ve been with the clinic, I’ve watched lives change. I’ve been able to support patients through some of their darkest times and celebrate some of their greatest victories. I’ve learned so much from each person I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside. I am thankful for the impact this work has had on my life and thankful for the growth I’ve seen in myself professionally and personally because of Scottsdale CTC.


I have been going here for over a year and in the beginning I would have given a -5 stars due to certain staff members that worked there the only reason I kept going was because there wasn’t a huge line waiting to dose. Though now I’m glad I stayed as they have gotten rid of a lot of staff over the time I’ve been going and now it’s a lot better people across the clinic from front desk to management. The dosing nurses and doctor and of course my counselor are all amazing. Although now it is getting busier there so the lines do get a little out of control but they are pretty good about getting everyone dosed and back on with their day as best they can. Overall I think it is a great place to go if your serious about your sobriety.

Shannon Lynn

First, Im new to the Arizona area and was pretty badly spiraling off my pain medication, i kept looking up clinics near me for relief but it was so close to christmas that everyone turned their heads. Not only did this facility efficiently cater to me as fast as they could, but these women genuinely acted with grace and kindness, whilst making sure i was heard, treated with the utmost respect, and most importantly feeling better.
I do not have enough characters to perfectly describe the helpfulness of these ladies. You’re greeted by a welcoming smile everyday at the admin window, helped efficiently by the lovely dosing nurses, and cared for with the utmost compassion by any of the counselors you happen to meet with.
These women are all incredibly wonderful, and i felt like all of my needs were met within the walls of this facility. Im so grateful that i stumbled upon them, but im most importantly thankful my health was taken care of by who i believe to be the best team cut out for the job.
Thank you so much ladies, i wish you all the best <3

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