Elevate Recovery Center

Elevate Recovery Center
Elevate Recovery Center
Elevate Recovery Center
Elevate Recovery Center
Elevate Recovery Center
Day Treatment: Yes
Intensive Outpatient Program: Yes
Outpatient: Yes
Outpatient Therapy: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Art Therapy: Yes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Yes
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Yes
Family Therapy: Yes
Group Therapy: Yes

Elevate extends numerous outpatient packages tailored for both women and men contending with substance misuse. Their customized method to addiction treatment entails customizing treatments including cognitive-behavioral remedy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), or motivational enhancement therapy (MET). Alongside character therapy, Elevate offers institution classes and medication-assisted treatment for customers grappling with opioid or alcohol dependence. Holistic techniques embody yoga, meditation, artwork remedy, and nutritional steerage.

A Supportive Setting

Elevate Recovery is committed to crafting individualized plans tailored to each person’s desires, with alternatives for circle of relatives counseling, instructional workshops, and life talents development. The outpatient dependancy treatment facility fosters a steady and encouraging ecosystem, presenting private counseling areas for 1-on-1 sessions, distinct regions for organization therapy, comfortable ready areas stocked with analyzing materials and refreshments, and accessible facilities for individuals with disabilities. Moreover, the center includes child-pleasant zones and technical support for remote remedy periods, ensuring it contains numerous patron choices and necessities.



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Location: Billercia, Massachusetts, United States

Address: 267 Boston Road, Suite A, Unit 3, Billerica, MA 01862

Accredidation: Joint Commission

Occupancy: 16-30



Richard Stockman

Elevate Recovery Centers wis a very Thorough and thoughtful addiction treatment program. Offering a plethora of different avenues for therapy and addiction treatment. My experience there was nothing short of amazing, from the techs to the counselors each sect was devoted, understanding and passionate about addiction treatment and their duties to their clients. I recommend this program to anyone struggling.

Kayla Johnson

I need to shout out to everyone at Elevate real quick. You guys helped me save my life, and because of that today I FINALLY stood up for myself and WON, and I would have never ever EVER had the courage to stand up to my abuser without yall. You helped me remember who I was, and that I am strong. 6 months ago I was ready and willing to die. Today I’m standing strong and LOVING life. What do you say when “thank you” isn’t nearly enough? From the techs to the ladies in the house, you all are amazing and I am so grateful for you. I finally get to live a happy and healthy life. What an amazing gift. For the struggling addict or the desperate family, CALL THEM. If you want to change your life, THIS IS YOUR PLACE! If there’s hope for me, there is hope for you too! I believe in you, and so do they.

Candice Wagaman

As a parent of a client, I was very pleased with the services and staff follow up. They were responsive to my questions as well as pleasant to work with. Communication was 2-way, open and professional. Overall a good experience and would highly recommend this program.

Kristin Sarfino

This is the most amazing program I’ve ever experienced! The housing is beautiful and all of the staff especially the techs are wonderful! They go above and beyond for the clients. I have to give special acknowledgement to my in house counselor Courtney Butash. I have never experienced so much respect, compassion, love authenticity from a person! The females in this program and myself are so blessed to have her as a counselor and call her a friend.

Joseph Showe

This place saved my life. Elevate genuinely cares. Everyone who works there has your best interest at heart. I would definitely recommend Elevate to anyone who is ready for a better life. I do and always will love Elevate. Thank you all for everything.

Charissa Haff

I absolutely loved my experience there and the staff as well. I feel like I did a complete 180 from the time I walked in those doors to the time I walked out thanks to the staff and the program. I walked in with little to no hope and by the time I finished the program the light was back in my eyes. This is a facility filled with human beings who understand the process and walk alongside the clients paving the way to a successful recovery. Everyone I encountered was incredibly helpful, compassionate, and truly cares about their clients on an individual basis which is important in developing a strong foundation in recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Forever grateful for my experience 🙏🏼

Truie Heiland

If you’re looking for treatment where the staff genuinely cares about you as a person and your recovery Elevate is definitely the place!! I can’t say enough about them, they have a great program the staff go above and beyond. I’ve been to ALOT of treatment programs and Elevate is hands down the best I’ve ever experienced! I was able to learn a lot about myself, my addiction and my mental health they helped pave the way for my recovery journey. I will forever be grateful for this program 🙏🏻

John selvey

I was recently a client in early march. I just want to thank everyone working there. The staff was amazing the entire time. Warm and professional. If you needed to know anything whatsoever ether medical , judicial, or even some advice on recovery, they are extremely knowledgeable on almost everything if they weren’t they would find someone that was.the house techs that are generally at the West house Rock! JESSE, NICK, CHARLES, COLE, MATT, RUSS JUSTIN. WERE AWESOME!!!. The center staff also great people!!!! They make you feel welcome and If you show up thinking about how it’ll be just like the previous programs just as I had. After some time with a little honesty and humility you will find your self admitting that you had mad the wrong assumption.

Wes Lee

The staff really stick out here compared to any place I’ve ever been. They genuinely care about clients and go far above and beyond the call in order to help and save lives.

Shae was so supportive and kind getting me in, and does an amazing job with alumni. Shantel helped me from the day I walked in, in ways she definitely did not have to, and has continued to help even after I finished the program. Latoya created a treatment plan designed specifically for my personal needs.


I strongly endorse Elevate Recovery Center for anyone seeking assistance for themselves, friends, or family members to improve their life path. Their programs and team members are exceptionally supportive, I recommend utilizing their services.

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