Zinnia Health Singer Island

Zinnia Health Singer Island
Zinnia Health Singer Island
Zinnia Health Singer Island
Zinnia Health Singer Island
Zinnia Health Singer Island
Holistic Approach: Yes
Insurance Accepted: Yes
Pool: Yes
Therapeutic Location: Yes
Detox: Yes
Licensed Primary Mental Health: Yes
Residential: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling with Clinical Psychologist: Yes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Yes

Zinnia Health Singer Island specializes in treating addiction and mental health disorders using evidence-based and experiential therapies. Their comprehensive continuum of care includes detoxification, residential treatment, and ongoing alumni support. Clients have the opportunity to engage in a unique experiential recovery program called LIV, which incorporates the therapeutic benefits of nature and adventure.

In-Depth Clinical Care

Clients undergo a thorough psychiatric assessment upon admission, followed by detoxification if necessary. Zinnia Health Singer Island offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, with weekly check-ins by a psychiatrist for clients undergoing MAT during detox. Detox is closely monitored round-the-clock by nursing staff, physicians, and counselors. The center’s nutritionist develops personalized meal plans for each client and provides education on nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Evidence-Based Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Zinnia Health Singer Island employs a range of evidence-based therapies for addiction and mental health recovery, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), eye movement therapy (EMDR), equine therapy, family therapy, motivational interviewing, and relational therapy, among others. Their integrated approach addresses addiction and mental health conditions concurrently, facilitating comprehensive healing. Specialized trauma-based therapies aid clients in healing from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with the capacity to address co-occurring conditions such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Finding Adventure in Recovery

Clients at Zinnia Health Singer Island have the opportunity to participate in the LIV program, which involves engaging in outdoor adventures in the local area. Other experiential activities available include swimming in the on-site pool, utilizing the fitness facilities, enjoying the gaming room, practicing yoga, engaging in art and music therapy, and cultivating mindfulness. The center introduces clients to 12-Step recovery meetings and SMART recovery meetings, which clients can continue attending post-treatment.



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Location: Riviera Beach, Florida, United States

Address: 1166 East Blue Heron Blvd Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Accredidation: Joint Commission

Occupancy: 16-30

Phone: (833) 487-2063



jake schurman

This wasn’t my first treatment center but I did attend there twice cause of a relapse. It’s a nice place. Food was good. Staff was nice. Good therapist and case manager. The only thing I can say I didn’t care for was the phone call situation but it’s treatment. I would definitely recommend this place. Oh, and do the activities!.#never mind lost insurance and they couldn’t help

J. Renee Jones-McRee

I was only there for detox for a week. I initially wanted to leave immediately, but after getting settled in I decided to stick it out. I was checked on periodically when not in groups in a noninvasive way, just a knock at the door to see if I okay or if I needed anything. My social anxiety was in overdrive, but by the second day I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. The techs and nurses were especially kind and helpful in navigating the campus and answering any questions I had. Al of the meetings are optional at detox levels, but they gently encouraged me to go to them, and I did. I think the whole time I was there I only missed maybe two meetings And that was only because I had been napping. Your medication schedule is always on time, and although all of the nurses were so sweet, Ella was by far my favorite. Oh, and trust me this place does not let you go hungry! They had snacks available all day, long and three homemade meals throughout the day with two choices each. Well, I’ve rambled enough, but take my word. This was the best decision I ever made. I’m now 10 days sober and looking to find my first local AA group I can’t think of one single thing to say negatively about this place. Thank you, you may very well have saved my life. ❤️

Ezra Carmickle

Troy Meeks is the life of the LIV Program, without his adventure therapy activities and his cold plunge guidance I would have no lasted through this place. It has completely changed my life and he is in a league of his own when it comes to how he impacts and heals people. Give this place a shot you won’t regret it.

Adrienne Braddy

The staff was fantastic, (special shout out to Marvin, Reggie, Nikki, Michelle, Drew, Ish, Stephan), food was great, and the therapy and group sessions were extremely beneficial to my recovery. The best part was the LIV program that was offered by Troy and Adam. I learned coping skills such as meditation and breathing techniques. The program offers off campus activities such as going to the beach and watching the sunrise, paddle boarding, walking a Labryinth, rock climbing, cold plunge therapy, and snorkeling. I am very grateful I made this life changing decision to go to Singer Island. They helped me with mental health and substance abuse issues. I can now live a life free from addiction, as long as I keep doing hard sh!& 🙂

Adam Willson

My experience at Singer Island was one of the best experiences of my life, as a matter of fact they saved my life! Bonnie, one of the nurse practitioners was awesome to work with, very attentive and really cared about finding the right medication for me. The BHT’s really made things pleasant and were always willing to help in any way they could. My therapist Mare was awesome to work with and she really cared about my mental health and helped me navigate some of the issues I was having regarding alcohol use. I didn’t have a chance to work with the other therapists but know they are all very caring and always willing to listen and help in any way they can. Marvin, the case manager, is arguably one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. He helped me get any and all benefits squared away and anything else I needed, huge asset. Troy and Adam run the LIV program which is an adventure based therapy. Two of the smartest most intellectual people I’ve ever met. They approach therapy in not only a mental way but a physiological way as well. From someone who suffers from severe PTSD from the military, their program really helped! Cold plunge is a part of their program and after 4 mins a day for almost 30 days, my anxiety essentially went away and went from a resting heart rate of mid 80’s down to low 60’s high 50’s. They also incorporate a lot of other therapies that have worked better for me than anything I’ve tried prior. My mental health is at an all time high and my recovery is actually something I’m not only excited about but extremely motivated about as well! If you’re looking for a facility that will offer several types of therapy and classes in order to not only help you get sober but keep you sober, this is the place for you! Big shout out to Michelle, one of the group facilitators who helped me get some things out that had previously made me anxious and allowed me now to talk about them openly! There’s real people doing real work here!

Betsy Moser

I have worked here since shortly after they opened. When I first came on board, I noticed the difference from any other facility I had experienced before. I feel supported, heard, and valued, not only by Management, but by the Team as a whole. The work load can be heavy or stressful at times, (which is normal in this business), but as a Team we get things done. Everyone who works here truly cares about doing what is best for each individual client and the community as a whole. Over the past 2.5 years, I have had opportunities to advance, and I have learned many new skills. Zinnia truly strives for adherence and promotion of Zinnia’s core values of Team Play, Integrity, and 1% improvement each day.

RJ Williamson

This place was great for me. 2 of the class instructors were very helpful and helped me find myself and live a life of sobriety. The biggest thing that helped me was the LIV program. This program is ran by extremely knowledgeable staff, it is so therapeutic and changed my life forever. As I participated in the LIV program, I watched people getting involved everyday and learning new things and actually looking forward to the daily activities the LIV program offers. I can’t say enough good things about the 2 people that run this group and the layout it offers, I know it will only get better and better and I promise It will change your life!

Tayler Green

It was a great place to be. I would recommend it to anyone. They have a great liv program. It was something else. The outdoor activities like rock climbing. Snorkeling. Meditation. Watching sunrise every morning was great. Because it got me used to do new things

Nicole Berg

This is my first (and hopefully only) time in rehab. I felt welcome from day one. The medical detox was great as it reduced my withdrawal symptoms dramatically. I participated in the LIV activities offered and enjoyed them all. It was great to go rock climbing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and getting to watch the sunrise from the beach every morning. I highly recommend this place!

Krystal McIntire

The Liv program is amazing. That is what really makes this place what it is. I went rock climbing for the first time and love it. I did early morning sunrise and meditation on the beach every morning and learned to paddle board. I can’t wait to incorporate these activities into my life at home and also try other new things that I would never thought of doing without having had the Liv program.

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