Twilight Recovery Center

Twilight Recovery Center
Twilight Recovery Center
Twilight Recovery Center
Twilight Recovery Center
Twilight Recovery Center
Budget Friendly: Yes
Equine Therapy: Yes
Spanish and English: Yes
Therapeutic Location: Yes
Detox: Yes
Residential: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Animal Therapy: Yes
Aromatherapy: Yes
Art Therapy: Yes

Twilight Recovery is a luxurious treatment center located just south of San Diego in Baja California, Mexico. Specializing in addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions, they offer medical detox and residential care. Twilight Recovery’s modern and sophisticated facility ensures personalized treatment plans for each client. With an intimate setting that accommodates only 10 clients at a time, they guarantee individualized attention and confidentiality.

Holistic, Personalized Care

Twilight Recovery adopts a holistic approach to treatment, addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of addiction. They achieve long-lasting results through evidence-based therapies and holistic practices such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, equine therapy, as well as 12-Step and non-12-Step programs.

Experiential Therapies And Aftercare

Experiential therapies at Twilight Recovery include activities like scuba diving and beach trips. Their aftercare services keep clients connected to support and care after their residential treatment. With a comprehensive, 360º approach, Twilight Recovery caters to all aspects of clients and their recovery, ensuring enduring results for clients and their families.

Recover In Up-Scale Luxury

The beautiful facility at Twilight Recovery features 5 large bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, a family-like dining area, and a rooftop deck with stunning ocean views. Clients have access to tennis courts, a pool, and a gorgeous beach just a 3-minute walk away. Nutrition is also a key part of treatment, with an in-house nutritionist preparing fresh, healthy meals and accommodating any dietary restrictions clients may have.

Twilight Recovery Center aims to deliver high-quality treatment while maintaining the comforts of home, all within an up-scale environment.



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Location: San Antonio Del Mar, Baja California, Mexico

Address: 22560 San Antonio del Mar, Baja California, Mexico

Occupancy: 6-15

Phone: +1 (855) 926-0599



Jennifer Segura

I came to Twilight in July, when I thought I had my recovery figured out. I was greeted by the kindest man who convinced me after 3 rehabs it would be OK to stay. It was. Harrison, his team, everyone took care of me. I was near death when I arrived. I will never forget the open arms I received and the care and compassion I was welcomed to. I did not want to post publicly, but this center saved my life. I am willing to spare my anonymity for anyone struggling – I couldn’t have found a better place for recovery.

Chelsey Moore

Amazing place, amazing people. They really go above and beyond in so many ways. Don’t hesitate to reach out these compassionate and skilled professionals. Twilight is the best!

Aaron Gordon

Great program for people who are in need of help for substance abuse and mental health issues! The owner is awesome and really cares about his people🙏🏽

Tanya Tsuprun

This facility is very big and beautiful inside and outside the Director Harrison and his staff are very professional. The doctor is amazing and very helpful. I would definitely recommend to other people who are searching for help with drugs, and or alcohol to come to this wonderful facility.

Mark Mesker

Twilight may not be for everyone but it was exactly what I needed. I’m clean and have stayed that way thanks to Harrison and this facility. I never write reviews but I hate to see sour grapes potentially affecting someone else’s recovery. Make your own decisions


There’s so much to rave about Twilight, I don’t even know where to begin the list of magnificent things to say about this recovery center which should instead be called life savors & miracle workers. The director Harrison is a literal Angel on earth amongst us. A place where you can really recover from all of life’s challenges, they are welcoming, non-judgemental and truly willing to help to the core.

Dylan Cheever

Hello Newcomer, if this is your first rehab then congratulations you would be lucky to come here, if this is not your first time then please see the benefits and family that this place provides and how special it is. Recovery is for those who want it not need it. Dive in!! Keep an open mind!! Be humble and patient with yourself and work hard. Everything you need to learn and heal is avaliable to you. You can do it. It takes time and comes in waves just like the Mar. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Everyone you are my family. Sober since 4/14/24.

William Burke

Everyone at Twilight was professional, attentive, and provided a personalized experience that I could not thank them enough for. I went through a particularly difficult detox, and everyone on staff assisted with pulling me through. The property itself was beautiful as advertised, and there were plenty of activities every day to keep yourself occupied and help the recovery process. I would recommend Twilight, especially if you are looking for a personalized recovery program!


This place is AMAZING! Harrison & Lou the partners who run the place are world class human beings. The care is top notch with such a personal touch on the simple fact of showing real love for you and your journey to recovery! They care so much about getting you the the proper help to actually make a life changing affect! From morning walks on the beautiful beach to all day real friendship and guidance on your road to being the sober best version of yourself they make it so fun to be going to rehab you forget your even at rehab. Their approach makes you feel right at home but also gives you plenty of daily counseling on your addiction and the root of the problem so you can see it from the outside looking in and be able to identify what needs to be changed to get your life back. This place makes you realize that being sober is the coolest thing ever. Thank God for sending me here for my recovery. I finally have the tools in my toolbox to fight the good fight and live a strong, healthy, happy and sober life!


I felt completely comfortable with the staff and house. There was no judgement just a focus on keeping me comfortable and getting me clean. The staff goes above and beyond for you all the time. The doctor knows how to make you completely comfortable. I was very worried about this but he knows what he is doing. Opioids withdrawals are terrible and I never felt them.

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