The Meadows

The Meadows
The Meadows
The Meadows
The Meadows
The Meadows
Residential: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Acupuncture: Yes
Art Therapy: Yes
Equine Therapy: Yes
Expressive Arts: Yes
Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR): Yes
Family Therapy: Yes
Group Therapy: Yes
Meditation & Mindfulness: Yes

Comprehensive Wellness Approach

The Meadows, located in Wickenburg, Arizona, offers a treatment program addressing trauma, sex addiction, substance abuse, panic and anxiety problems, and submit-demanding stress disease (PTSD). Embracing a holistic angle, this system employs a aggregate of holistic and therapeutic modalities to cope with the entirety of the individual. Therapeutic interventions include somatic experiencing, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Tai Chi, mindfulness practices, expressive arts therapy, and equine-assisted remedy. Recognizing the precise needs of every character, The Meadows provides a tailor-made continuum of behavioral fitness services, with 9 sister programs including the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, Willow House at The Meadows, and Gentle Path at The Meadows. The medical and clinical group of workers, presenting 24-hour nursing, on-web site physicians, and a full-time chief of psychiatry, guarantees complete care. Family involvement is critical to the recuperation system, highlighted via a dedicated circle of relatives week aimed toward fostering a supportive environment post-treatment. Continuous workforce schooling upholds the clinical excellence of The Meadows Model, authorized by means of the Joint Commission. As a TRICARE provider, The Meadows extends behavioral health and substance abuse inpatient services to energetic responsibility army employees, veterans, and their dependents. Additionally, they may be in-network with Multiplan and collaborate without-of-community companies.

Nurturing Surroundings

Set amidst a sprawling 14-acre campus enveloped with the aid of the tranquil wasteland air, The Meadows gives an idyllic setting conducive to recovery. Amenities consist of shared rooms and bathrooms, an out of doors pool, a health club, access to natural environment, a tennis court, and a basketball court docket. Furthermore, yoga lessons and spiritual counseling complement the therapeutic environment, selling holistic well-being.



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Location: Wickenburg, Arizona, United States

Address: 1655 N. Tegner Street Wickenburg, AZ 85390

Accredidation: Joint Commission

Occupancy: 50+

Phone: (888) 351-3721

Insurance Accepted

Providing health care programs that reinforce, maintain, and sustain good health for uniformed service members, retirees, and their families globally.



Sue Robins

They saved my life in1994. I presented broken, hopeless and alone. Pia & Pat were generous with their time & experience. My primary counselor, shrink & fellow patients were just what I needed. I’d go back today if necessary.

josh meyers

I was in the Claudia black center at the meadows. I have taken a lot away from there and my experience was great. The therapists are top of the line. I had Meena Khattack and she was hands down the best therapist I have had. The campus was beautiful lots of wildlife and plants I haven’t seen before. Most all of the staff were fantastic. The best ones were Julio, Julian, and Scott. If you go there you will get to spend time with them and they are super fun and helpful and really seem to care about the patients a lot. There were definitely some staff I would look out for and have as little interaction with as possible because they were honestly not nice: Terri and Jen were easily some of the most unhappy people I have met.

Julie Gibbs

My experience at the Meadows was difficult the first week yet ultimately life changing. Learning hope to cope with life’s daily challenges, deal with my personal struggle with addiction and ultimately become sober and no longer need to rely my crutches that got me through the day was incredibly freeing. I recommend the Meadows to anyone who feels there may be imbalance in their life.

Kim Johnson

went to The Meadows for family week with my son. It was an eye opening, learning experience that has changed our family forever. The model of treatment at the Meadows is the model that should be used in every rehab facility. The caring and authentic passion the staff have to the guests leaves no question of their burning desire to have guests heal and live new lives. The way they teach us families to be healthy in relationship, communication and support, was a game changer. I had a second son in a different rehab at the same time and only wished I had sent him to The Meadows as well. No comparison. We even sought out a PIT trained family therapist for aftercare for our whole family. It’s the only facility I would refer someone to. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!

Holly Rolfe

The Meadows saved my life! It is because of the hard work I was asked to commit to that I am thriving in my life 3.5 years later. It was not easy by any stretch of the imagination. The entire staff from doctors and nurses to the treatment team all the way to the to the chefs and maintenance crew supported me as I slugged through the trauma that brought me to The Meadows. They helped me to face some hard truths and come to terms with the trauma I faced in my life. I give thanks daily for the entire staff, and treatment team who are very committed to helping each and every person who walks into this place of healing and hope.

Halley Simpson

The experience I had at Survivors 1 was life changing. I plan to go back. From my experience the environment was calming, motivating, and the staff was exceptional. I had bad experiences with therapists in the past but here they were very careful and acutely aware of trauma and triggering. I healed, built relationships, and still use the tools I learned to this day. My family has also attended workshops and had wonderful experiences.

Vic Thomas

In a couple of words; Game Changer. The Meadows has been a phenomenal experience in growth and healing for me and my family. None of us was raised in a perfect environment and we adapted as best we could. Those things we learned to survive or at least “get by” aren’t working so well in adulthood. The Meadows helped me understand my past as it relates to the decisions I was making as an adult.

Anosh mazhari

The Meadows saved my life. They were the doorway to finding my true self. I can never thank them enough and I am so glad I went to the Survivors Workshop. It was the first time in my life that I was able to connect to my heart. Phenomenal experience.

Christopher Hurja

The Meadows is life changing and life saving! All of the staff are top of their profession, friendly, and sociable. The 45 day program builds upon itself each week! I cannot recommend the place enough! While 45 days seems daunting, it goes by quickly. The Meadows is one of the best in the world!

Ashley Will

Coming to The Meadows was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I had tried to get sober and relapsed after attending another prestigious rehab, when our searches led us to the Meadows. We chose The Meadows due to their specialization in trauma recovery. The combination of somatic experiencing, and holistic therapies including yoga, accupuncture, art therapy, brain spa and equine therapy is hard to come across. The whole program is backed in scientific methods, and focused on understanding why addiction might develop. As a fellow professional, I am extremely impressed by the Senior Fellows on staff who have dense research in all field related to trauma and addiction. I still read all of the literature published by them to this day.

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