Sunlight Sober Living

Sunlight Sober Living
Sunlight Sober Living
Sunlight Sober Living
Sunlight Sober Living
Sunlight Sober Living
Sober Living: Yes
Transitional Living: Yes
Twelve Step Facilitation: Yes

Sunlight Sober Living is located in the bustling town of Austin to assist combine citizens into their community. When guys decide to live at Sunlight, they’re required to undergo an intake manner to make sure they may be an excellent healthy. Upon joining the “circle of relatives” at Sunlight, each person ought to commit to final clean and sober, and they may participate in bi-weekly drug screenings. They must also attend 4 remedy classes, 12-Step meetings, church offerings, or meditation classes according to week. Additionally, residents are required to reap a activity within 30 days of dwelling at Sunlight.

Recovery Community

Becoming involved inside the Austin network is a top precedence for all citizens residing at Sunlight. The town of Austin is considerable with healing facilities, 12-Step conferences, and locations of worship, making it easier to keep sobriety. Residents also are recommended to immerse themselves in the metropolis’s culture, rather than separate themselves from it. Austin offers infinite opportunities for live music, out of doors sports, and right food that may be loved in a brand new way for citizens.

Advocacy Program

Navigating a new life-style does not come with out its demanding situations, so Sunlight offers an advocacy application similar to having a mentor. Each resident has exceptional wishes, so the amount of time spent with their suggest will vary. Each resident’s endorse is to be had for emergency calls and texts. They also help communicate the resident’s progress with their own family, developing accountability.



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Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Address: 6607 Starstreak Dr, Austin, TX 78745

Occupancy: 6-15




The supportive atmosphere and dedicated staff made a huge difference in my recovery. They offer a wide range of activities and counseling sessions that address all aspects of addiction. I’ve gained invaluable insights and strategies to stay sober. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m thankful for the positive impact this place has had on my life.

Laura P.

This place exceeded all my expectations. The caring staff and comprehensive programs provided the perfect environment for recovery. I felt understood and supported every step of the way. The friendships I formed here have been invaluable in my journey to sobriety. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a fresh start.


My time here has been life-changing. The team is compassionate and always available to help. The sense of community among the residents made me feel at home and supported throughout my journey. I am grateful for the tools and strategies I’ve learned to maintain my sobriety.


Sunlight Sober Living has been a transformative experience for me. The staff is incredibly supportive, and the environment is nurturing. The program helped me regain control of my life and build a strong foundation for long-term sobriety. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a safe and supportive place to recover.

Caleb Petter

The staff at Sunlight Sober Living are exceptional, friendly, and most of all care deeply about making a positive impact for the future. Keep up the great work and I highly recommend them!

Jimmy R

Great business ran with care and a desire to see people succeed over anything else. The staff are extremely helpful, friendly, and down to earth. The home itself is very comfortable and enjoyable to live in. Cannot recommend it enough! A great place for anyone who is ready to take the next step toward sobriety with all the qualities that make it an easy, enjoyable transition.

andrew damo

Stayed here when they started. They were honest, upfront and weren’t just out for money, I can honestly say I felt safe and they provided not only what I needed but gave me that boost to get me to move forward

Eric A

I’d had such a pleasant experience at Sunlight Sober Living I would recommend it to anyone needing a sober house that truly cares. The owner and manger were amazing and helped me so much , My overall stay was amazing and it really made a difference in my life.

Jay dee

After chronic relapsing at other sober homes, I was finally able to stay sober at Sunlight Sober Living (I just hit 18 months!). The house is BEAUTIFUL and the owners are responsive & very supportive. The community of guys living at Sunlight attend meetings together and take their recovery seriously. It’s easy to commute via bus to/from downtown. SSL is one of the best sober living houses in Austin hands down!

Christopher Ramirez

I’ve had such a great experience living in this home, I’ve been a resident for 7 months now and am transitioning to my own place now. Sunlight Sober Living has helped me prepare myself for the real world. Throughout my entire stay, I’ve made many new friends and connections. The management team is involved in keeping the house safe, holding us accountable, and supporting us 100%. I’ve been in other sober living homes before but I’ve never felt a more genuine connection and care for others, than this one. I’m blessed and grateful to have had Sunlight Sober Living as a support system before transitioning to my new home. Thank you Sunlight!

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