Stages of Recovery Waco

Stages of Recovery Waco
Stages of Recovery Waco
Stages of Recovery Waco
Stages of Recovery Waco
Stages of Recovery Waco
Day Treatment: Yes
Outpatient: Yes
Outpatient Therapy: Yes
Sober Living: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Yes
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Yes
Group Therapy: Yes
Motivational Interviewing and Enhancement Therapy (MET): Yes
Twelve Step Facilitation: Yes

Stages of Recovery is a guys’s-best outpatient treatment facility specializing in the treatment of alcohol addiction and substance misuse disease. They offer an intensive outpatient program (IOP), partial hospitalization program (PHP), outpatient counseling, and transitional housing. They combine proof-based procedures with peer support and 12-Step packages to treat alcohol and substance misuse at the character degree. Stages of Recovery wants to treat the underlying circumstance the use of trauma-informed care. To encourage lasting sobriety, their Certified Clinical Trauma Professionals (CCTP) combine trauma therapies with healthful coping mechanisms and stabilization.

Transitional Housing

Located in Waco, Texas, Stages of Recovery offers customers the option to stay in transitional housing whilst finishing their outpatient remedy packages. They have 6 completely provided -bedroom apartments that offer customers a safe space to get better with peer-guide. The Waco downtown vicinity is without problems available, and Baylor University is best a 5-minute force away.



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Location: Waco, Texas, United States

Address: 700 Robinson Dr. Robinson, Texas 76706

Accredidation: Joint Commission

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Quinn Pollard

Stages of Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment program where they take the time to teach about not only the disease of addiction but anger, PTSD and so many more needed tools to start the journey into recovery it’s been a pleasure and a blessing getting to work with these people, I’m grateful for this place it was my safe haven.

Nikki OAKS

These men are doing solid work and out here giving back what was given to them 10 fold. I have rarely came across a program that pours as much heart into their service as these men do. I HIGHLY recommend them for outpatient and sober living and have seen nothing but greatness from any and all of them. Big proud for what yall are doing in this field.

Heather Rohn

My son has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction issues for nearly 10 years. He has been to 3 different addiction treatment centers across the country and here at Stages, he is starting to thrive. I have never seen him so clear headed and am so hopeful for his future.

They have an amazing addiction treatment program and have bent over backwards to help us make this happen for him at a cost friendly price. I can’t recommend it enough.

Casey Matthews

The team at Stages has been outstanding….all of them. Our son has been there two months now. He has found a home at Stages and a group of peers that he has genuinely bonded with. His progress has been remarkable, due in large part to the addiction treatment / intensive out-patient program at Stages. Special thank you to Stephen Medley for the guidance and advice. Keep fighting the good fight.

Hannah Chapman

Stages of recovery in Waco has helped me tremendously in my recovery journey. The community and staff is amazing & the PHP/IOP program has taught me so much about addiction and recovery from addiction. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to recover from alcohol and/or drugs.

Cristal Clark

Any time a patient needs to be referred “away” from home, it creates a level of anxiety. As a provider, the supportive collaboration with Stages of Recovery is incredibly beneficial. Trusting their team to meet my patients where they are and walking alongside them as individuals while they define their recovery journey.
Thanks Team!!

Joe Smitty

Not my real name, but my real review as a current client, and a true part of my recovery family. Hard addiction and yet turning corners with a positive driven outlook. Honest enviroment with counselors that have been there and understand. Am learning so much not just about my addiction but myself as well.

Looked into several places before Stages and glad for my sobriety I made this call.

Colin Singleton

The Leaders at stages are great examples and models of what clients would want to be, Ryan, Tony and Michelle are standout examples of this and the therapists on staff are tremendous. Stages was a great spot for me to learn and grow in my recovery and would recommend it to those struggling.

Amal Marks

Stages of Recovery is much more than just a treatment center. It’s an oasis of safety, knowledge and care. This facility is the epitome of true hope for the fellow addict. Come as you are and know that you will leave a changed person!

I came for detox and stayed until the miracle happened through IOP. Addiction became my past and hope is now my future. The houses are safe, comfortable and a fortress of relief. The clinical building is filled with a wealth of skilled clinicians who miraculously always make time for the clients. Ryan, Tony and Nicki have a heart for the lost and a vision for the program of recovery for all who seek relief through it.

William Biggar

There was about 18 guys at the sober living, with over more than half of them having over 6 months of sobriety to 2 years, probably adding up to over 10 years of sobriety. That’s unheard of. Stages of recovery is doing something crazy, they’re getting people sober. Their success rate is higher than any sober living in the country I’d guess. Guys are going there and staying sober. This is not a sober living that guys relapse at all the time, like most. I was there for 4 months and during my time there was only 2 relapses in the whole place. This was the safest place I could’ve asked for in my early recovery by far. They helped me rediscover my purpose and heal traumas I had with their 15 week php program. It was very clean and professional. Other sober livings need to start modeling this place. If you want long term recovery go to stages.

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