Spring Lake Ranch

Spring Lake Ranch
Spring Lake Ranch
Spring Lake Ranch
Residential: Yes
Transitional Living: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Adventure Therapy: Yes
Animal Therapy: Yes
Art Therapy: Yes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Yes
DBT: Yes
Experiential Therapy: Yes
Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR): Yes

Spring Lake Ranch supports and empowers people with intellectual health and substance abuse problems by way of imparting possibilities to grow and thrive. Spring Lake Ranch uses a unique method of work-targeted remedy. At the core of every day lifestyles at the Ranch is significant paintings. While Spring Lake Ranch strongly believes inside the electricity of restoration via paintings, they recognize that clients additionally want strong medical help so as to technique and progress through the complicated struggles that accompany intellectual health and substance abuse. Each patron gets wrap-round aid thru person remedy, organization therapy, psychiatry, medicinal drug management, case management, and substance abuse programming, in addition to mentorship from non-medical workforce as part of their group model. The program provides intensity of that means to dwelling in a sustainable manner. Daily obligations of feeding and being concerned for animals, planting seeds and harvesting greens, building barns and building furniture, or tapping bushes and splitting firewood all offer structure and recurring thru meaningful paintings. Participation inside the Work Program also permits the purchaser to build and foster self assurance and self-efficacy with the aid of seeing projects thru from start to complete while having healing conversations with group of workers and different citizens at some point of the whole procedure.

Spring Lake Ranch was founded in 1932 and run via Wayne Sarcka, an immigrant from Finland, and his wife, Elizabeth Man, from Long Island. Wayne had labored in young people camps throughout World War I with shell-shocked British squaddies in Mesopotamia. Elizabeth, whose brother suffered from schizophrenia, had worked as a social worker in a New York agreement. The lifestyles experience and being concerned help that they foster via the Work Program is obvious in the numerous advantageous critiques and fulfillment testimonies. Spring Lake Ranch is authorized by means of CARF and is not like every other treatment center.



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Location: Shrewsbury, Vermont, United States

Address: 1169 Spring Lake Rd, Shrewsbury, VT 05738

Accredidation: CARF

Occupancy: 31-50




This treatment center provided me with the care and support I needed to transform my life. The staff are compassionate and experienced, offering personalized treatment plans that addressed my specific needs. The comprehensive programs and supportive environment helped me build a strong foundation for my sobriety. I am deeply grateful for the guidance and tools I gained here.

Mia D.

I can’t thank the staff at this treatment center enough for their unwavering support and dedication. The personalized treatment plans and variety of therapies offered made a significant difference in my recovery. The compassionate and knowledgeable staff created a positive and encouraging environment that helped me regain control of my life.


My experience at this treatment center was truly life-changing. The staff are dedicated professionals who genuinely care about your recovery journey. The personalized approach to treatment and comprehensive programs provided me with the tools and support I needed to overcome my addiction. I left feeling hopeful and confident in my ability to maintain my sobriety.

Victoria E.

The care and support I received at this treatment center were exceptional. The staff are empathetic and skilled, creating a safe space for recovery. The individualized treatment plans and variety of therapies were exactly what I needed to address my addiction and underlying issues. I am deeply grateful for the positive impact this place has had on my life.

Megan Whiteley

The ranch was such a great help to me and the betterment of my mental wellbeing. I learned a great work ethic as well as making many friends, one of them being Peter Schuellein, who I am now engaged to. Thank you for everything and keep doing what you do.
Rock on!

Jeana Yuscavage Simon

I wish I could give zero stars. I was here about ten years ago. They pumped me full of meds. I must have been on a dozen different meds when I left Spring Lake Ranch. All they care about is your money. When my insurance ran out…they asked my father to pay their exorbitant fees and he basically told them off. So….boom I was determined to be well and was shipped back home. I went back on drugs soon after. Spring Lake Ranch did nothing but made me feel mimiserable about myself
My counselor was an ex nun who pumped me up on more meds whenever I disagreed with her. I would not recommend this place to anyone. It didn’t cure me. Just made me worse. But I am happy to report that I did become drug free and have been so for 10 plus years but it was not due in any way to Spring Lake Ranch.

Barbara Meyer

My daughter needed a place after in-treatment and SLR provided a great place to re-enter. The facilities are magnificent and the staff cares. One must work there – as their motto is thru work you get healthy. Mental health is not an easy process, it is a process. You as a family member must also be part of the process.

Lillian Gutoff

Spring Lake Ranch helped me recover in the context of a community. There needs to be more accessible places of refuge like SLR for people who experience mental illness.

Christina Katchen

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃❤️SLR you have given so much to me…a place to reset. The opportunity to learn how to work in a garden, a place to share my talents in the people’s kitchen. Caring for my recovery and health. Supporting my efforts with kindness, compassion and honesty. A community of healers and friends who incorporate skills without measure to live my best life. I haven’t been perfect but I have been progressing and I don’t know where I would be without you!!!

Peter Booth Lee

Many years ago, (the early 1970s), I was at SLR, and had a wonderful, memorable, healing experience.
The formula for healing, then, was excellent, being a grounding in work tasks, a good interaction with Nature, and a healing theraputic community.
As I live here on the West Coast, I have not visited SLR in many decades.
That said, I will mention some of what worked for me then, in hopes that the same opportunities are still available for others at SLR today.

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