The Ranch at Dove Tree

The Ranch at Dove Tree
The Ranch at Dove Tree
The Ranch at Dove Tree
The Ranch at Dove Tree
The Ranch at Dove Tree
20+ Years in Business: Yes
Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment: Yes
Insurance Accepted: Yes
Joint Commission Accredited: Yes
Detox: Yes
Detox (on-site): Yes
Intensive Outpatient Program: Yes
Outpatient: Yes
Outpatient Therapy: Yes
Residential: Yes

Comprehensive Recovery at The Ranch at Dove Tree

The Ranch at Dove Tree makes a speciality of treating substance addictions along underlying intellectual health conditions, specializing in private identity, competence, belonging, emotional security, and physical safety to foster resilient recovery. Their numerous program services consist of cleansing, 30 and 60-day residential treatment, day remedy (or partial hospitalization), intensive outpatient, transitional living, and aftercare, all of which deal with co-occurring mental fitness conditions for a holistic healing adventure.

Addressing Co-Occurring Mental Health and Underlying Issues

The Ranch at Dove Tree prioritizes addressing co-taking place mental health conditions inclusive of melancholy, tension, disordered consuming, trauma/PTSD, borderline persona disease, obsessive-compulsive ailment (OCD), and self-harm behaviors. With an on-body of workers psychiatrist capable of diagnosing intellectual fitness situations and prescribing necessary medications, they provide specialized programs like Tactical Recovery for veterans and first responders, featuring trauma-informed, culturally competent care and twice-weekly EMDR businesses.

Personalized Evidence-Based Care Focused on Resilience

The Ranch at Dove Tree gives a number of evidence-primarily based remedies consisting of eye motion desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive-behavioral remedy (CBT), publicity therapy, on-website online equine therapy, own family therapy, and 12-Step integration, aiming for complete-man or woman healing of thoughts, frame, and spirit. Their residential treatment includes two times-weekly 1:1 therapy, at the very least 6 day by day hours of institution programming, and incorporation of the 12 Steps, with clients following a day by day wellbeing ordinary and progressing through steps primarily based on program duration.

Family Care, Continued Services, and Transitional Living

The Ranch at Dove Tree gives intensive family care thru month-to-month family weekends, along residential care, day treatment, extensive outpatient, and gender-unique transitional residing. Their day remedy and intensive outpatient packages feature flexible scheduling alternatives and virtual participation. Gender-unique transitional residing consists of therapeutic help, random drug checking out, persisted therapy participation, and weekly outings, all within a supportive surroundings.

Set on a fifteen-acre campus, The Ranch at Dove Tree affords comfortable shared rooms, a health club, sports courts, a chapel, and out of doors adventure opportunities. Clients also benefit from yoga sessions, dietary counseling, and nutritious meals/snacks in the course of their live.



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Location: Lubbock, Texas, United States

Address: 1406 Quinlan St. Lubbock, TX 79403

Accredidation: Joint Commission

Occupancy: 50+

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Ashlyn Utley

Dove tree is a phenomenal place to recover from any kind of addiction. The facility is extremely luxurious but it’s the staff that makes it a special place. Almost every staff member is either in recovery or has a family member that is in active addiction or recovery. There are also students from the center of addiction at Texas Tech University that work at dove tree…as a college student I found that really comforting. The counselors are not overloaded with work. I loved that I could meet with my counselor or any staff member as often as I needed. The curriculum covers everything that one is faced with on a day to day basis. This is the best place to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually! The 12 steps and my relationship with my higher power, both attained at dove tree, have been vital to my recovery. I would send any and all loved ones to this place! It is truly a gem.

Chase Courville

have been lost in the sea of addiction for 9 years. Benzodiazepines are my issue and they have gotten the best of me for a very long time. I have spiraled down a deep pit of misery, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and there was no possible way out. A self-made prison to where I was expecting to die in my addiction no doubt about it. God had different plans when I was admitted to The Ranch At Dove Tree, knowing absolutely nothing about the facility. What I know today, is that I’m clean and sober. I have never had a hope for my life, definitely not for sobriety. The staff at The Ranch is a group of people that will go to the ends of the earth for your sobriety. I have experienced real therapy concerning my life trauma, and daily living. They teach you how to love yourself and how to find out who you really are as a person! The Ranch offers an extensive program called IOP and Tree House Sober Living. Just when I thought The Ranch couldn’t get better,

Amy Keen

I went to Dove Tree and yes the first week and half was rough with detox and yes I can sit here and tell you this and that was horrible, but in reality it’s rehab! We all come there because we obviously don’t have life together nor can live life the way we want. I met some really cool people and built relationships while there that ill forever be grateful for! The RA’s were all amazing Urma, Rhonda thank you ladies for being so patient with me and understanding. Kenzie was my counselor and she is amazing she pushed me and saw through any BS I tried (lol). Process group was my favorite! Terry Don, thank you for being proactive and an advocate for us. If there was anything I needed you got it! I wanted a Bible you came and took me to the bookstore and got me one and it was a gift! The group I was there with was during a transitioning period. The staff was stressed and doing all they could. I could t imagine having to deal with all us addicts during that time (lol). However, lots of forever memories, such as, the black out, the up and down honestly are why I’m here today! Thank you Dove tree bc of you all I am in my first semester of grad school at Texas Tech University pursing a Master’s in addiction counseling! Thank you Terry Don for pushing me and encouraging me to apply. Remember guys you get what you want out of things! You want to get sober and learn the tools to do so, then put in the work. Dove Tree offers everything one needs for a successful recovery. Sometimes we have to swallow our pride and realize we are broken and need to be humbled. But if you do right and use what Dove Tree gives us blessings do come.

Samantha Hernandez

This place saved my life!! I’m forever grateful for the ranch and all the amazing people who work there . I consider this community my family. The after care program and IOP program are just as amazing. It’s a revolutionary experience and I thankful for all the staff who has supported me in my journey. I came to Dove tree November 2021 , I was in a very bad addiction and was in a very dark place at that time , I faced losing everything I loved , my husband, my children and life as I knew it . I had a lot of childhood trauma and a previous abusive marriage and had never delt with any of it before and had been a addict for the majority of my life . When I came in dove tree I was completely exhausted of living in that disparity, and the staff was there to take me in and show me a way out of the darkness. I found freedom from trauma and addiction and a new way to live life through the principles taught to me through dove tree . I went on to live in sober living for 30 days , after dove tree and continue to be apart of the alumni with dove tree . In this new life I have found such peace and purpose, and had I not gone into treatment, I’d not be on this earth today . I thank everyone who has supported me from the depths of my heart and I’d recommend this place to anyone who’s needing help suffering from addiction. Today I am 7 months sober and it’s amazing!

Dwight Izzard

The Ranch at Dove Tree gave me the needed tools to a life that I never had but always wanted. They helped me get acknowledge that I by myself could not control my life and and would self destruct if I continued on the path that I was going down. I left it all at the Ranch and I’m so glad I did! If you want the BEST chance of living a sober life, make the call and go, NOW!

Chad Bonds

I read many of the reviews before posting my own and hope to provide a fair account of the facility. The staff is outstanding and provided me with insight and knowledge. The facilities have a few problems, but I never saw any indication that staff didn’t care or weren’t working toward solutions. I can’t say that every activity or discussion spoke to me. There not supposed to. I participated and got something out of all of it. As to the negative reviews…addicts become addicts because they can’t take responsibility for their own actions and normally blame everybody but themselves for their problems. Luckily, I learned that while at Dove Tree. If you are looking for the perfect rehab, spend $100,000 and go to a west coast rehab resort. If you want to get sober, give Dove Tree a chance. Good luck changing your life, it is worth it!

Tara Jones

This place gave me the opportunity at a different life. The counselors at this facility are incredible and go above and beyond for the clients and not just the ones they have. As for the nurses and ra’s as well. There wasnt a single person that worked there that didn’t impact my life in a positive way. So thankful for this place❤️

Breea Barnett

I’m 22 years old and a recent patient. The Ranch at Dove Tree is an immaculate treatment facility. This place has given me my life back and the tools to keep it on track. It’s a tough program at times but worth every dime and minute spent there. Most of the counselors are in recovery as well and super understanding and helpful. I’m more than happy with my stay there. The staff does everything in their power to get you taken care of whatever the need may be. It’s 12 step based and I’ve seen it do wonders for people. I’m lucky I chose 30 days over my life. Highly recommend. Thank you Dove Tree for all you’ve done for me.

Brittany Jackson

I was here a year and half ago and it was a life saver for me. Dove Tree gave me the tools and confidence to tackle the real world while sober. I tell everyone who is struggling with addiction or alcoholism to go to Dove Tree because of what they did for me and so many others. The staff is wonderful and living quarters are amazing and comfortable. I felt right at home here which helped tremendously. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Kenny Sands

My name is Kenny. 100 days sober today thanks to Dove Tree. First off I want to say you can’t receive help if you truly aren’t ready for help. I’ve been in recovery for five years, Dove Tree made my fifth treatment stay, and I was ready for help, I needed help. I went into Dove Tree with no HP, not knowing how I was going to STAY sober, but I had willingness. The first thing I noticed was all the staff treated me as if I was the only client. My recovery mattered to them, and that I’m thankful for. I found my HP and everything I was looking for. Once my stay was over I attended Dove Tree IOP to continue my early recovery (highly recommend) and the experience was the same. Caring, knowledgeable staff who wanted recovery for me as much as I wanted it. If YOU are ready for change I highly recommend the Dove Tree experience.

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