Never Alone

Never Alone
Never Alone
Never Alone
Residential: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Adventure Therapy: Yes
Art Therapy: Yes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Yes
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Yes
Experiential Therapy: Yes
Family Therapy: Yes
Group Therapy: Yes
Life Skills: Yes

Never Alone Treatment Center specializes in adolescent addiction treatment, crafting a comprehensive, evidence-based approach tailored to ages 12-17. Their programs foster physical, emotional, and psychological well-being within a safe, nurturing environment. Holistic healing methods, including individual and group therapies, family sessions, educational workshops, and recreational activities, address addiction while tackling underlying issues such as trauma and mental health disorders.

Structured Environment

The program offers adolescents a structured environment, combining individual and group therapies, educational sessions, recreational activities, and holistic approaches for recovery and personal growth. Emphasizing the importance of nurturing healthy relationships and communication skills, it facilitates connections with peers facing similar struggles, fostering a supportive network.

Gender-Specific Accommodations

Accommodations are gender-specific, pairing individuals with a roommate of the same sex. The program prioritizes education, providing daily school sessions led by an on-site educator to maintain academic standards. Weekly updates on the child’s progress are provided to parents, with further communication options available through the therapist.



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Location: Hurley, New York, United States

Address: 20 Crofts Rd, Hurley, NY 12443

Insurance Accepted

One of the largest health insurance companies in the US, offering several health insurance options to individuals and businesses.
BlueCross BlueShield
A leading healthcare provider serving over 100 million Americans as one of the largest insurance companies in the country.
Carelon Behavioral Health
Carelon Behavioral Health, formerly Beacon Health Options, is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and serves over 40 million people.
Part of UnitedHealth Group, providing care to over 165,000 people worldwide.
United Healthcare
Offering plans to individuals and businesses throughout the United States and in countries around the world.

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