Monte Nido Glen Cove

Monte Nido Glen Cove
Monte Nido Glen Cove
Monte Nido Glen Cove
Monte Nido Glen Cove
Monte Nido Glen Cove
Residential: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Yes
Dance Therapy: Yes
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Yes
Family Therapy: Yes
Group Therapy: Yes
Interpersonal Therapy: Yes
Medication-Assisted Treatment: Yes
Motivational Interviewing: Yes

Monte Nido Glen Cove: Adult Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Combating Eating Disorders and More

Monte Nido Glen Cove offers specialized care for adults struggling with eating disorders and co-occurring conditions. Their luxurious treatment home provides a supportive environment for healing.

Therapy Tailored to You

The program uses evidence-based practices and mindfulness techniques to address eating disorders alongside PTSD and substance abuse. Treatment options include cognitive therapy, motivational therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

Restore Balance and Heal

Monte Nido Glen Cove prioritizes helping clients achieve nutritional balance, develop a healthy body image, and overcome trauma. They also provide psychoeducation to help clients challenge negative thoughts and behaviors.

Luxurious Comfort and Personalized Support

Nestled in a tranquil neighborhood, the treatment home features inviting spaces, comfortable bedrooms, and a dedicated yoga studio. The center boasts a high staff-to-client ratio with on-site psychiatric and nursing professionals.

Activities for Overall Wellbeing

Clients can participate in various wellness activities, including yoga, weight training, nature walks, and creative movement classes. Monte Nido Glen Cove also organizes recreational outings to museums, art studios, and even miniature golf courses.

Accredited Care and Flexible Payment Options

The center is Joint Commission accredited and accepts most insurance plans, making treatment accessible.

Start Your Journey to Recovery

Monte Nido Glen Cove can provide the support and guidance you need to overcome your eating disorder and build a healthier life.



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Location: Glen Cove, New York, United States

Address: 1 St Andrews Ln, Glen Cove, NY 11542

Accredidation: Joint Commission

Insurance Accepted

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E Mariah

The best parts were individual snacks and meals with therapist and RD where’s I was really able to challenge behaviors and certain foods. The staff is amazing and really pushes you while also meeting you where you’re at.

Summer C

My primary therapist was really helpful in recovering from my eating disorder, and the medical and psychiatric care were both strong. I was satisfied with their care providing, especially the assistance in planning and attending various medical appointments.

Emily Muller

Monte Nido saved my life. For many years I thought recovery wasn’t possible. I was hopeless. MN gave me everything I need and more to live a full life free from an eating disorder. Including lifelong friends. Thank you Monte Nido.

Jenna F

They changed my life. Thank you to NIKOL for always bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Thank you to Christina. Thanks to all the good people of Monte Nido Glen Cove. If I knew someone that needed residential treatment, I wouldn’t direct them anywhere but here. They quite literally do save lives

Sarah Broas

I have struggled with anorexia nervosa for many years, and Monte Nido Glen Cove was my first residential treatment experience. My stay there was nothing short of amazing and transformative in only the best of ways.

Monte Nido Glen Cove taught me how to eat, enjoy food, love myself and my body, and find a reason to live again. This facility and all (and I mean ALL) the people there truly saved my life.

Alexa King

I LOVED this program. I literally went in thinking recovery is a scam, happiness is a myth, and misery is inevitable, and I left feeling really good about recovery for the first time in a long time. I know people who had their issues here, I had some too, but for the most part it was a lovely experience. Now that I’ve been through step down and have met people who went to other Monte Nido residentials, I can say that Glen Cove was not as strict as like Laurel Hill for example. They’re really willing to work with you, but some people don’t do as well with that I guess. I personally appreciated the staff not giving up on me when I was really struggling, and it worked out better for me, because I heard at Laurel Hill it would have been different and I might not be where I am now. Glen Cove was also a bit more relaxed with Covid protocols, although I would say that had more to do with clients’ unwillingness than staff not attempting to enforce it. I’d think with the vaccine rollout starting that’s a less present issue but when I was there we didn’t really wear masks. The only staff member I had a real issue with I hear has left. All the clinicians are amazing (shout out to Caroline!). I think all of them are great at their jobs, which unfortunately isn’t the case at every program. If I ever needed to go back to res I’d wanna go back there. It’s a good program with lovely people, and it changed my life.

Nat F

I’ve struggled with my anorexia nervosa for many many years and this summer I spent about 7 weeks at Monte Nido Glen Cove. Though I will say it was a new facility so some kinks were still being worked out while I was there, Monte Nido has helped me immensely with my recovery and had me convinced every single day that this would be my last time in as intensive treatment as this. The majority of the recovery coaches were unbelievably caring, respectful, and understanding, with the exception of a few who are no longer working there. Throughout treatment at Monte Nido, I felt that my designated treatment team constantly had me in their best interest. My experiences with therapist Theresa were truly life saving and she deserves a huge round of applause. I think some of the kinks associated with the beginning of the facility may have been due to the clinical director who, though at times seemed to care, did not seem fit for the position and often did not make me (though I cannot speak for other clients) feel heard. Assistant Clinical Director Judy showed much more dedication, experience, and sympathy, and was thankfully one of the primary leaders of groups and one of the most prominent faces seen daily in the house.

Kathy Krueger

My son attended Monte Nido and it saved his life. They work on the “whole person” and he met with his dietitian, nutritionist and therapist everyday. He now eats a wide variety of healthy foods and has gained weight. He was ready for treatment, so that increased his likelihood for success, and they assured his transition program to home was set up for him to be successful.

Joana Jaramillo

All the clinicians are amazing (shout out to Caroline!). I think all of them are great at their jobs, which unfortunately isn’t the case at every program. If I ever needed to go back to res I’d wanna go back there

Elizabeth Maffei

My younger brother admitted himself to Monte Nido Glen Cove twice over the past two years and although he is still working on his recovery, I believe Monte Nido has played an integral part of this. The staff, especially his therapist Alyssa, genuinely care and do everything they can to help their clients reach their goals. They communicate well, the environment is warm and inviting, and I genuinely only have good positive things to express about our experience as the family of a loved one who is struggling with an eating disorder and working on bettering himself. Thank you, Monte Nido Glen Cove, for all you’ve done to help my brother and my family.

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