Avenues Recovery Center at Eastern Shore

Avenues Recovery Center at Eastern Shore
Avenues Recovery Center at Eastern Shore
Avenues Recovery Center at Eastern Shore
Avenues Recovery Center at Eastern Shore
Detox: Yes
Intensive Outpatient Program: Yes
Outpatient: Yes
Outpatient Therapy: Yes
Residential: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling with Clinical Psychologist: Yes
Adventure Therapy: Yes
Animal Therapy: Yes
Art Therapy: Yes

Avenues Recovery at Eastern Shore gives a unique, network-based residential treatment software with customized remedy plans tailor-made to each man or woman. They offer various tiers of care, such as medical detox, residential care, in depth outpatient (IOP), and outpatient services. Avenues Recovery addresses the entire character—body, mind, and spirit. As clients progress, their care adapts. Key additives of their plans include lifestyles abilties, wellness, vitamins, social acceptance, economic obligations, family values, character counseling, group therapy, and 12-Step facilitation.

Avenues Recovery operates 9 inpatient and outpatient rehab centers national. Avenues Recovery at Eastern Shore, located in Cambridge, Maryland, gives a comfortable, cushty environment for lengthy-time period recuperation. Clients benefit from nearby transportation, nightly 12-Step meetings, gourmand catered food, a today’s gymnasium, and fun night and weekend sports. Avenues Recovery accepts maximum non-public insurance and holds accreditations from CARF and the Joint Commission.



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Location: Cambridge, Maryland, United States

Address: 821 Fieldcrest Rd, Cambridge, Maryland, 21613

Accredidation: Joint Commission

Occupancy: 50+

Insurance Accepted

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David Kendrick

I’d like to take time to extend my upmost thanks and appreciation to The Avenues Recovery Center in Cambridge MD for assisting me during my crisis and providing expert support to me for treatment, skills and counseling with my treatment plan which will allow me the opportunity to begin a new life in the future going forward. I’ve been able now to identify defects in my behavior that I have can make significant improvements in my life.

Once again thanks,

Best Regards,

David Kendrick

Charles Pearson

Avenues truly saved my life! I loved our to 60 day program because The first 30 days you clear your head and then you can really lock in the last 30 days. All staff really cares the facilitators are great. They give you the tools that you really need to stay clean and sober. They help you with aftercare and any court you may have going on I would recommend to anybody looking to begin or continue their journey of recovery.

derrick ferrell

My experience at Avenues was great. It helped me to actually tap into and get to the roots of some of my core issues and resentments that I needed to work on. While there I delt with grief and the staff and the community or as id rather call it the family and foundation that I built helped me get through it.

I have a recovery family that I can call on for life for good and bad situations. Thank you for everything Avenues!! I love you!!

Brian Wasko

So I have been to Avenues on several occasions and I must say Jen was the most supportive person there. She helped me so much and always had my back even during the toughest situations. Jen was also very accommodating and attentive to my needs when it came to expressing my bottled up emotions and feelings that I have not felt In a long time. She literally helped me get through the good, the bad and the ugly. Out of all the staff at Avenues Recovery Community I can honestly say she was the best! Thanks Jen.

Marcos Ocadiz

The staff here takes tremendous care of us while here. It is truly a community and a safe place to work towards the main goal. Jennifer, the alumni coordinator, does an awesome job keeping the community together post-graduation and hosts great events.

Brandt Roberts

This program helped me save my life!!! It helped me to learn about my addiction. But more importantly helped me learn who I am as a person. The staff is amazing!! I been to 3 treatment facilities. This was by far the best 1!! 10 out 10 recommend. Give yourself a chance at life!! They’ll help lead the way.

Elfadil Osman

My time at Avenues has contributed tremendously toward my sobriety and it saved my life. The staff are sincere and you can tell how deeply they care about the clients. The groups are facilitated very well and cover a number of topics relevant to sobriety and recovery. Beyond recovery we also discussed positive life skills and mental health. For any one who feels stuck or trapped by their substance use I would highly recommend Avenues

Charles Thompson

The Love I received from Avenues Recovery showed me that unconditional is a real thing. Upon entering Avenues you aren’t just excepted as a client But you also Become family. I haven’t Been to many treatment centers or programs But I’ve had my share and NO program I’ve Been apart of had shown the Love and care that this place has given. Do not Be confused By my review, YES facilitators, counselors and staff are welcoming and nice But they are stern when they need to Be Because they care if you succeed in your Recovery. My Higher power led me to a place where I could Begin a restoration process, and I regained courage to Believe in myself again. Avenues gave me the opportunity to take my choice Back. Even after you complete treatment you are still and will always Be apart of the Avenues team. You Become a member of the Alumni which meetings are held every week for you. And, the coordinator of that group goes out of her way to do weekly check-ins just to see how you are doing. They take your life seriously so, I would recommend anyone who also decides to take their life seriously and wants Better for themselves to try Avenues. 60 days is not a sacrifice if you are gaining the remainder of your life Back. If you are reading this review and are undecided, this your chance to claim the prosperity you long for. You may not know for sure if this place will work for you But you know what doesn’t work. Recovery Works and RECOVERY IS LIT🔥 Thank you Avenues❤️

Descellaus Hardy

Avenues saved my life. I just celebrated one year in March. I love being a part of the alumni program, and try to attend every chance I get. I am enrolled in college and working towards a director of my own treatment facility one day!

Jennifer Wysong

Having been with Avenues Recovery Center at Eastern Shore for three years now, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible transformation that takes place within our walls. Led by our compassionate Clinical Director, Charlie, and supported by a team of dedicated professionals, we’re not just a workplace; we’re a sanctuary for healing and growth.
From the moment you walk in, you’re enveloped in a sense of warmth and understanding. Our environment is designed to foster self-discovery and encourage individuals to journey towards recovery at their own pace. We don’t just treat addiction and mental health issues; we meet each client where they are, tailoring our approach to their unique needs.

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