Action Drug Rehabs

Action Drug Rehabs
Action Drug Rehabs
Action Drug Rehabs
Action Drug Rehabs
Action Drug Rehabs
Day Treatment: Yes
Intensive Outpatient Program: Yes
Outpatient: Yes
Residential: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Family Therapy: Yes
Group Therapy: Yes
Motivational Interviewing: Yes
Psychoeducation: Yes
Twelve Step Facilitation: Yes

Action Drug Rehabs, primarily based in Santa Clarita, California, treats addictions and co-taking place problems at diverse degrees of care. They provide residential remedy, a partial hospitalization application (PHP), and an in depth outpatient program (IOP). They have separate packages for adolescents (a long time 12-17) and adults (a while 18 ). Their application consists of weekly circle of relatives periods, organization counseling, and psychoeducation. They accept several foremost coverage vendors.



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Location: Santa Clarita, California, United States

Address: 22722 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Insurance Accepted

One of the largest health insurance companies in the US, offering several health insurance options to individuals and businesses.
BlueCross BlueShield
A leading healthcare provider serving over 100 million Americans as one of the largest insurance companies in the country.
Carelon Behavioral Health
Carelon Behavioral Health, formerly Beacon Health Options, is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and serves over 40 million people.
Cigna's unique history traces back to 1792, but today they offer services to 190 million customers in 30 different countries across the globe.
The world's #1 employee assisted program (EAP) provider, offering unique personalized programs to Americans & people worldwide.
Serving over 3 million clients throughout California with an ongoing mission to help the community.
With roots in the health field dating back to 1961, Humana is a trusted insurance provider that proudly serves over 20 million Americans.
With 40+ years of behavioral health care experience, MHN partners with thousands of licensed practitioners and hospitals to provide quality insurance to their customers.
Part of UnitedHealth Group, providing care to over 165,000 people worldwide.
Providing health care programs that reinforce, maintain, and sustain good health for uniformed service members, retirees, and their families globally.


Jennifer Odom

They changed my life and the lives of those who love and support me. They also saved my neeborns lufe as i was using while pregnant. The pwner personally came amd picked me up from the dirt and guided me to recovery. Now im due in a few weeks with a beautiful little boy and he is healthy s
As can be. I owe my life to those who helped and impacted me at Action Family counseling. Thank you Cary Quashen.

Brandon Wolff

This is the best choice any person can make if they’re looking to change their life around and get sober. This isn’t just a program, it’s a new way of living. And it’s the best way of living. Thank you Carey for giving the Santa Clarita valley this amazing opportunity at a second chance in life

Angel Duke

Action has been and always will be Number 1!!! I love Cary Quashen and his family and the staff and every they stand for! Thank you Action family counseling for giving me some of the best years of my life !!

Michael Escarcega

I’ve tried to get Sober many times in my life, Action is for real and I don’t know how anyone could not give Cary Quashen, Brian, Lance and all the facilitators 5 stars. Without Cary’s help I would be back doing the same thing that already cost me my family, and almost cost me my life. First you have to Want the help, if you can’t take responsibility for your own actions and you don’t want to save yourself from making the same mistakes over and over until you end up dead or in prison then you will always put the blame on other people I have learned. I will recommend Action to anyone and everyone who truly needs help with addiction for the rest of my life as they have truly inspired me to get sober and Live my life to the fullest. God bless this Program and all they do … 🙏

Desiree Weber

If it was not for this program I don’t know what would have happened. I went their for 8 days and then was taken to the hospital for 3 days and was to sick to go back, I remember nothing. I went home to detox but I was able to go to IOP. Later on I went to the Rehab. I am thankful for all the suport. I had a really hard time and somethings are turning around now..nothing I do is the right way..I do things backwords. lol , but on June 8th it is my 4 year birthday. Thank you Cary and staff.

frances hernandez

I been there for about 3 weeks an action family have been so supportive. I came in with an addiction and every one has giving support from the councilors Veronica and the rest of the team to Lance the clinic director Brian always have positive support to cary himself the CEO are so involve with your recovery. I will be leaving soon and I know I can continue my journey to better myself.. thank you so much for this new family I have in Santa clarita.. love you guys so much ❤

Soni Kooner

I just finished 3 weeks of treatment here. I didn’t go there for family counseling but for treatment for my alcoholism. It was an amazing experience. There’s a guy named Lance who facilitated the 11am groups and this guy blew me away. His knowledge, compassion and intellect were way above average. Another facilitator is Brian. His experience makes him an excellent facilitator. Brian’s ability to break down the disease is incredible. They both meet you where you’re at and engage all the clients very respectfully. No-one there tries to challenge you or change your opinions. They truly did care about me and left me with great insight and tools for my recovery.

Mariah Sylvain

I was referred to Action through my insurance, and I’m so glad that I was given the opportunity to complete the program. Action has a great team of very dedicated staff who are (almost) all in recovery themselves. It is a very well rounded staff of very different personalities which ensured that clients of every background had someone to relate to. Cary, the owner is a funny, down to earth guy who checks in frequently and is kind, compassionate and passionate for what he does. It’s clear he is dedicated to helping others recover and attempts to bond with each individual that comes through his doors. Brian, who held the group every morning has a great sense of humor, is incredibly relatable and very open and honest with his own struggles with addiction. He has incredible insight and made each morning a learning experience through client check-ins.

Vivian Epperson

Action Rehab saved my sons life!! Insurance wanted to send him someplace else after all day interviews they did not have a bed! Thank goodness Cary CEO kept in contact with me. The next morning he made calls to get him in that day!! My son spent a month inpatient treatment and the first few weeks was dicey. The staff Brian David Danielle would not give up on him. By the third week he was participating in classes therapy and opening up. Even now that my sons not there The staff at Action Rehab still reach out to check on him. Simply amazing place. If you need help please contact them they have many programs to help your love one with addiction

I can not thank you guys enough

I have my son back

A grateful Mom

Kevin Owens II

Whether it’s family or a friend of the family, someone right now is in need of help. Mr. Quashen has a genuine call on his life. His experience, expertise, and reputation precede him. It is not by coincidence you are reading this, the highest-rated possible review that we can give. Mr. Quashen and the staff at the ACTION Family Counseling Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers are genuine. Their love is evident for the many who have allowed them to take their hand in a time of hopelessness, seeking help. Their tirelessness, selflessness, and sacrifice are shown by the concern they have for the welfare of others. Words cannot express how much we sincerely appreciate you, and all that you and your staff continue to do.

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