Abhasa Rehabilitation Center Coimbatore - Thondamuthur

Abhasa Rehabilitation Center Coimbatore - Thondamuthur
Abhasa Rehabilitation Center Coimbatore - Thondamuthur
Abhasa Rehabilitation Center Coimbatore - Thondamuthur
Abhasa Rehabilitation Center Coimbatore - Thondamuthur
Abhasa Rehabilitation Center Coimbatore - Thondamuthur
Nature Lovers: Yes
Neuro/Bio Feedback Therapy: Yes
On-site Spa: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Detox (on-site with residential): Yes
Residential: Yes
Sober Living: Yes
1-on-1 Counseling: Yes
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Yes
Animal Therapy: Yes

ABHASA Rehabilitation and Wellness Home gives a transformative course to healing addiction and mental health conditions, prioritizing personalised care, holistic treatments, and consumer properly-being. Their assignment is to lead clients in the direction of renewed health and happiness in a pricey, nature-infused surroundings, redefining the concept of luxury in recuperation whilst treating dependancy and mental fitness with a holistic method.

Personalized and Comprehensive Care

Abhasa emphasizes tailor-made remedy plans, considering every customer’s precise records and occasions. Their group conducts scientific tests to layout powerful plans, incorporating evidence-based, holistic, and alternative treatment options. This consists of dietary modifications, nature walks, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Neurofeedback brain schooling complements healing through promoting self-law and optimizing brain function, facilitating a sustainable path to well-being. This customized approach empowers clients to actively interact of their treatment adventure, from detox to aftercare, making sure fulfillment via customized components.

Empathetic and Professional Team with Global Standards

At Abhasa Rehabilitation and Wellness Home, their compassionate and enormously professional crew is pivotal in providing extraordinary care. Their experts embody empathy, providing aid and knowledge at some stage in clients’ healing journeys. Committed to retaining worldwide standards, they combine evidence-based practices and cutting-edge therapies into treatment protocols. Continuously updating their know-how, they make certain global-magnificence care, growing a secure and nurturing environment for customers’ well being and personal growth.

Diverse Range of Therapies and Treatments for Individual Needs

Abhasa provides a various array of healing experiences, along with fishing therapy, artwork and track remedy, movement remedy, rubdown therapy, circle of relatives counseling, Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy (PMRT), and greater. Friendly therapy puppies provide companionship, at the same time as outside sports like treks, fishing, and birdwatching promote movement and connection with nature. Spa and yoga classes provide meditative and relaxing studies, whilst creative shops like art and track allow customers to express themselves and foster restoration.



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Location: Thondamuthur, Tamilnadu, India

Address: SF NO 898, 2B, Kembanur Road, Thondamuthur, Tamil Nadu 641109

Occupancy: 31-50




It is one of the finest luxury rehabilitation in india. Awesome food and facilities that will make you feel at home. You will not only get out of your addiction but will also get to learn about yourself and life. The entire staff is super positive and humble. Special thanks to the team of abhasa for improving people’s attitude, behaviour, lifestyle and giving people a new direction to start a good life. You will get stronger and better after the best treatment through psychological treatment and classes. I highly recommend everyone to go spend some time with themselves and with an amazing team.

kani mozhi

I cannot express enough gratitude to the entire team at Abhasa Rehab Center for guiding me on this transformative journey. Their unwavering commitment to their client’s well-being is evident in every aspect of their service.

Nazish Khan

My friend was admitted to the centre. As per him place is very good to recover from any drug and alcohol addiction, My friend was addicted to marijuana but after 2 months in the centre he left all the addictive drugs. Abhasa Rehabilitation centre run by great professionals, I can say from my personal experience as i was in the communication with the team members. Abhasa is one of the best Rehabilitation centre in the industry with addiction recovery, positive environment with the beat of the therapies and food is just awesome. They have best counsellors specially Mr. Siby Mathew & Mr.Denny Prasad. All the best to all the team members.

nandhu Nandi

I appreciate God’s plan to have me work in Abhasa. Being here has opened my eyes to how precious life is. The staff here is well-versed in all facets of your psyche and body, and treats you accordingly. There is a lot to learn from counsellors if you’re open to it. In general, a wonderful resource for those in need. Thanks

Viji Gowtham

One of the best rehab center in India. The plus is it is only for females and is also run by females. I got my sister admitted here who had Personality issues with Mania and they were cool enough to handle her with ease. They also kept us informed throughout the process. Thanks to Dr Naveen, Mrs Meera, Ms Bhadra for their continued support.

Manisha Unni

Very comfortable and safe enviroment for women. The treatment is very different from other rehabs and they have evidence based approach. Definitely helps. Dr Naveen is one of the best psychiatrist we have met. It is very rare to see a psychiatrist to spend hours with clients during consultation but he does that with ease, he also spends enough time with family to understand the family dynamics and beautifully explains. Highly recommended.….👍

Sanjay Jayavarthanan

To the Abhasa crew:For the wonderful life I’ve been given, I appreciate every single person in it. This is more than just a location to get rid of toxins; it’s a place where you may learn about who you are. The cleanest and most professional setting possible. Those yoga sessions were fantastic. My prospects here are excellent.A dose of home medicine is the greatest kind.I appreciate the help from everyone.


My time at Abhasa has been wonderful as I work to overcome my addiction. Everyone on the Council and in the Administration is incredibly helpful. Council members’ insights are crucial to the road to restoration. The internal staff is helpful and clear in their explanations. Mr. Saran was the first person I met there, and he was pleasant and helpful throughout my entire time. Sincerely, I suggest Abhasa Rehab Services to any addict seeking rehabilitation. The cuisine is excellent as well. They do a great job, the nurses.

jothika g

Professionals in helping clients manage the grieving process, counselors possess a thorough understanding of suffering within families. Moreover, giving the patient first-rate care and fully teaching him about his addiction and the effects it has on his family and friends. The food is wonderful, as is the facility.

sibi raj

Abhasa was the best place I could have possibly seen for de-addiction. The staffs are truly dedicated to healing and bringing out the best in each client. I highly recommend choosing Abhasa as it is one of the best rehabilitation centers in India and if you want to change your life in a peaceful and calm, truly healing environment.

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